Saturday, August 19, 2017
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Waratah Workers

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In 2012/13 we we launched the Waratah Workers program, and this continues in 2013/14.

An extremely important part of running a grade cricket club is having enough volunteers to spread the workload around. However, talking to supporters and ex-players we found a lot don't have the time for regular volunteer roles but would be very happy doing the odd job to help out if it fits their schedule.

To fit in with this, we launched the Waratah Workers program. This is a database of willing helpers and workers who will be included on a database and e-mailed whenever we have odd jobs that need completing.

Our contact will be very simple, and only by email. If you can help out just reply and we will coordinate with you.If you have no time or interest , simply ignore the request.

Some Important facts :

  • For all Waratah Workers that help out with our odd jobs during the season we will be giving out a free MWDCC Polo Shirt or Cap.
  • Examples of odd jobs through the season will be – put up the advertising signs at Manly Oval on a Saturday morning, deputize for the 1st Grade scorer when he is away, pick up drinks from IGA and drop them to Manly Oval, run the drinks in our trial games at Grahams Reserve, serve drinks at a players after match event at Manly oval .................. these will NOT be weekly tasks , but one- off odd jobs.
  • Most importantly if you would like to Opt out of the Waratah Worker database at anytime, just let us know and we will immediately take you off our email listing.

To join our Waratah Workers database, simple e-mail our honorary Secretary Steve Beatty at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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