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Aidan Baker is sponsored by Miles from Home for the 2015/16 season.
Located at 1773 Pittwater Rd, Mona Vale, Mile from Home showcases the best mens and womens wear that Australia has to offer.

Featuring top labels such as Scotch and Soda, Maison Scotch, Amsterdam Blauw and their own private collection "Miles from Home"

Miles from Home is run by Jenny Miles-Bird, mother of Waratahs Jackson and Ian. Jenny is a huge Waratah fan and wants to see as many Tah supporters as possible visit her store.

Miles from Home are also offering a 10% discount off full price items for any Manly Mates Rates card holders.

Visit Miles from Home on facebook at or call on 9999 1773


Aidan Baker

Full Name
Aidan Gerrard Baker

Date of Birth

Junior Club

Highest score and who against?
170* UNSW, 170 Campbeltown, 172 North Sydney

Favourite TV show and why?
The Blacklist..... ruthless

Favourite Movie and why?
Rudy, little fella who fought against all odds and achieved a dream

Where does your nickname "Flat" actually come from?
My brother Jarrod said I had a flat head at cricket one day (all the normal lunatics jumped stright on it, Beaver, Birdy, Scallop, Scotty Patterson, Douche Man). the following day there was a 2 page spread in the Sun Herald on Flathead syndrome, and how babies wear helmets to bed to counteract it. It stuck.....

What does the Flat do for a crust? And how is it going?
I am at University studying a Grad Dip in Primary Education to become a primary school teacher. Loving it.

Funniest cricket moment on the cricket field?
Mickey Lindsay, losing his run up and walking in to bowl an offspinner, because he was too hungover to go back to his mark.

Funniest cricket moment off the cricket field?
Too many to choose, but Stewy Griffiths and Mickey Lindsay couldn't decide what to order at the pizza shop after a few quiet ones. So they ordered a Meatlovers pizza with supreme ontop.

Who is the best cricketer that you have played with?
Timmy Cruickshank, Crossy, and I always loved playing with Andrew Jeffrey, great players in their own right and knew their game so well.

How would you go about impressing the girls of your dreams?
Not answering this.

Who at Manly would you most like to share a car trip to Campbelltown with?
Unfortunatley Pughy isn't around this year. So I'm going to say Faz, great guy and enjoys a beer.

Who at Manly would you least like to share a car trip to Campbelltown with?
Jordan Daly and Taylor Beatty, both have terrible chat.

What things do you think the club needs to improve on in 2015/16 to keep challenging the top clubs? 
50s need to be turned into big 100s. Players need to be more selfish, particularly the young kids who can really make a statement.

What are your goals for the coming season?
Play a full season. If I can stay injury free hopefully everything looks after itself.

What is your most embarrassing moment on the field?
Any time I walked off the field, when Beaver 'Mitch Cleary' was my captain. He Thoroughly enjoyed bowling me up to 30 overs straight from one end, just to see me in pain. I felt I had been to every world war when I managed to hobble off. This was a regular occurence too, with him laughing at slip.

Who will win the single digits award this season?
James Crosthwaite could be a smokey....

Who's Manly Cricket shoes, either past or present, would you like to be in for a day?
Any of our past or present boys who have donned the baggy green

Who do you see is going to have a big season this year?
Sam Hole, provided he doesn't complicate things.

Who is provides the best circuit entertainment at the club?
Faz..... Go Jazzie go.....

Who were the best cricketers coming through the age groups with you?
Through Manly we had Jackson Bird and Luke Edgell in my age group. But at other clubs, Usman Khawaja, David Warner and Moises Henriques.

You managed the North Harbour Rays side in the ARC this past season. How was the experience?
Yeah unfortunately haven't been around the boys as much as I would have liked this year due to cricket commitments. But they're a great bunch of boys. They're all so talented and it shows with 9 of our players heading to Europe in the first 4 weeks of the competition. The old faithful, who I play touch with Mondays and Wednesday nights are still here, we're going for our 6th straight title, so that's the main thing.

You are sponsored by Miles from Home this season. What is your favourite man-bag that you ahve seen at the store?
Jenny has always been a great supporter of myself and her sons Jackson and Ian, as well as the club, so it's greatly appreciated. She's been there from day one really, so it's fitting that she is sponsoring myself this year. I haven't seen any man bags in there, nor would Jen want me repping one. But it's a great store and it's great to see Jen is back amongst the retail sector and going so well.


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