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Dylan Marshall Player Profile

Naked Wines Square   Dylan Marshall

Naked Wines

Dylan Marshall is proudly sponsored by Naked Wines for the 2016/17 season.

Marshall and Naked Wines

Dylan with Naked Wines Managing Director Greg Banbury

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Dylan Marshall

Full name
Dylan John Keven Marshall


Junior Club:

Favourite TV show and why?
The bachelor because there aren't many other shows where you get to watch 20 rigs run around all dolled up for an hour.

Favourite Movie and why?
The Warriors. A late 70s New York gang movie and their fight to make it home when everybody is trying to kill them. Fantastic viewing.

Funniest moment on the Cricket field:
Hearing one particular north Sydney captain pipe up after we apparently were appealing too much. In comes myself and Billy D to offer our opinion on the matter. He drops his nuts. Snicked off next ball. Thanks for your time.

Funniest moment off the Cricket field:
Any venture into the Corso after 3am. Take Brad Wilson hitting Billy D's pie out of his hand and then world war 3 almost starting. Never a dull moment with the lads.

You have got Naked Wines on as your player sponsor this year, what kind of company are they like to work for?
To be honest I haven't worked in a better working environment than naked wines. They focus on a real family vibe around the office and everyone gets along well with everyone. An office culture like that I believe is going to be extremely successful and it's great to enjoy going into work every day.

You came through both the Manly NSW junior system. What are your memories of your junior representative days (keep it nice by the way)?
The junior reps and playing with guys your age is some of the funniest cricket I've played. It's also awesome to say that you play cricket with some of your best mates and to make lifelong friends through the game you love is something you can never take for granted.

You have been a consistent wicket taker for the Tahs over a number of years now. What are your goals for the 2016/17 season?
The first thing I want to do from a personal level is to hit 200 wickets for the tahs. I think it's something that is very realistic and a little achievement for myself. From a team perspective there's nothing I want more than to win a comp. I'm only a young guy but have been in 3 grand finals and haven't come away with the chocolates yet.

Your batting has really come along in leaps and bounds the last 12 months or so and you are really contributing some god runs in the lower order. Do you enjoy batting?
To be honest I absolutely love my batting and take great pride in it too. It's definitely something that I want to work on to make myself an all rounder instead of just a spin bowler.

Who is the best cricketer that you have played with?
If have to say Tim Cruickshank. In terms of a watching perspective he was awesome to watch and in regards of a bowling view it was extremely hard to bowl to him. Always looking to take bowlers down and assert himself at the crease.

How would you go about impressing the girls of your dreams?
Well seeing as though half the year is playing cricket and I'm around the lads I'd have to take her to one of the double headers down at manly oval to introduce her. We'd have a couple of beers and watch the prince of the peninsula absolutely whack them. Id say that I'd never be able to do that in my life and then it's an awkward walk down to wharfy to soak in the afternoon sun. We'd sneak off to Guzman to support the sponsors and then see where the night takes us. You can really see why I'm single now...

Who at Manly would you most like to share a car trip to Campbelltown with?
It'd have to be Brad Wilson and Ross Trewartha. It's been done a few times and the music collection that the blokes have is immense. We'd have to head for a cheeky couple at the vinyl room in gymea on the way back. A long way out of the way but it would still be done.

Who at Manly would you least like to share a car trip to Campbelltown with?
If have to say Jordan Daly because he's the grumpiest bloke in the world. He'd control the music, have no variety and wouldn't stop for coffee. Kidding mate, love ya xoxo.

What do you think the club needs to improve on for the 2016/17 season?
I think that when the times are tough, either with the bat or ball, there needs to be a little bit more mental toughness to get rid of some of the pressure that the team is facing. Little bit more of that and we'll be close to being unstoppable.

What is your most embarrassing moment on the field?
Most weeks are pretty embarrassing for myself but there was a particular PGs game against Fairfield which was a 20/20. We were defending around 140 and I thought that I'd be able to get a particular player out by tossing it up constantly. Many bombs later, 4 overs 0-50, I think I learnt my lesson. Game over.

Who is your tip for the D.G. Medal this season for their work on the circuit?
Always tough to go back to back in the medal so I'm counting Sammy G out. I really like Jimmy Crombie this year. Always up for a crack, offer good bant and is just a seriously good bloke. Go get 'em big fella!

Who's Manly Cricket shoes, either past or present, would you like to be in for a day?
I'd have to say Luke Edgell. First of all, just to know what goes through his head during a day. Secondly, just to have a half decent rig.

Who were the best cricketers coming through the age groups with you?
From Manly we had guys like Jarrod Rawlings, Javed Badyari, Sam Webber, Jordan Daly, Taylor Beatty, Ryan Farrell, Tom Kaye and Mickey Edwards. Players I played against were Ryan Gibson, Harry Conway , Travis Head, Gurinder Sandhu and Kurtis Patterson. All serious players who have progressed since age group cricket.


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