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Jake Carden Player Profile

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Jake Carden is proudly sponsored by Simon Couch Chiropractic Solutions for the 2016/17 season.

Carden and Couch

Jake Carden with Simon Couch

Simon Couch and his team at Chiropracitc Solutions have been involved with MWDCC for almost 3 decades now, firstly through Simons playing days, and lately through their association as our official club Doctors.

They provide fantastic chiropractic services and are available to service any of your injuries anytime.

Conveniently located on the main road at manly Vale, they are the perfect community business for your next chiro or physio requirement.

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Jake Carden

Full Name
Jacob Francis Carden

Date of Birth

Junior Club
Collaroy Plateau

Favourite TV show and why?
Australian Survivor - it involves great strategy but athleticism as well, and you're always wondering what's going to happen next.

Favourite Movie and why?
It's Either Southpaw or The Longest Ride, I'd say the Longest Ride, honestly one of the happiest but saddest movies.

Funniest moment on the cricket field?
In 4s a couple of Years back Samoz' mate walks out to bat and he goes to me 'Be ready Jakey this ones coming straight to you at short cover', and just like that first ball I get one of the easiest catches at short cover.

Funniest moment off the cricket field?
Every Circuit with the Boys

After winning the 3rd grade title 2 years ago you have graduated to the 2nd grade side and are now a permanent member. What are your goals for the 2016/17 season?
My goals for this season is to be a player that the team can rely on with both bat and Ball and always do a job.

You really are a genuine all-rounder. Do you see batting or bowling as your strength?
To be honest it changes every week.

You just turned 18, how have you enjoyed the circuit with the boys so far?
It's been awesome, there's nothing better than shouting out You're the Voice at Boaty with all the boys.

You come from Collaroy Plateau Cricket Club which your family is a big part of, in-fact I think your grandfather founded it or similar. Is this something that you are proud of?
Yes I'm extremely proud of my Junior Club. My Pa Founded the club and my Mum and Uncle have been a big part of running the club for a long time, and i always look to help the club Whenever I can with coaching etc.

Who is the best cricketer that you have played with?
Adam Crosthwaite

How would you go about impressing the girls of your dreams?
A romantic walk on the Beach followed by a nice picnic.

Who at Manly would you most like to share a car trip to Campbelltown with?
It's gotta be Whitey and Gainsy, the banter that those two had to offer was special.

Who at Manly would you least like to share a car trip to Campbelltown with?
Brad Wilson.

What do you think the club needs to improve on for the 2016/17 season?
I don't think we need to improve on a certain area, just work hard on all three facets of the game.

What is your most embarrassing moment on the field?
Splitting my eyebrow open in a training session by dropping one of the easiest catches.

Who is your tip for the D.G. Medal this season for their work on the circuit?
Probably Brad Wilson, he just doesn't stop.

Who's Manly Cricket shoes, either past or present, would you like to be in for a day?
Either SOK or Winga.

Who were the best cricketers coming through the age groups with you?
Probably the most known is Arjun Nair



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