Saturday, August 19, 2017
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Visser Stewart and Pugh - Junior Training
Over the last few years as part of the Manly for Manly program we have established a stronger association between our senior players and the 11 junior clubs around the Manly Warringah area. We are pleased to announce that this great new initiative will continue in 2016/17.

All players have each be allocated a junior club for the season. Where possible, the players will be associated with the junior club that they came from, however there will be an even spread of players among all the clubs.

Each player will be completing a minimum of 1 training session with 1 of the junior teams from that club throughout the 2016/17 season. They will also provide help for fundraising activities and help at presentation nights where needed.

This provides the junior players with players to look up to, follow and try and emulate. Imagine Mickey Edwards going to a Peninsula training session and saying "I was you 10 years ago, so you too can play professional cricket for your state and in the Big Bash League". Exactly what the players should be striving for.

This part of the Manly for Manly program has been signed off by both the MWDCC committee and the MWJCA committee.

We had some great visits during the 2015/16 season from players such as Aiden Baker, Michael Visser, James Boyer, Jay Lenton and Aiden Bariol.

Each players junior club associations for 2016/17 are as follows:

2016-17 Clubs

James Boyer Coaching Clinic - Collaroy U-12s
Junior Clubs         MWDCC   Player 1   MWDCC Player 2   MWDCC Player 3 MWDCC Player 4 MWDCC Player 5
  Contact Name Phone No      
Beacon Hill   Peter Horton 0407 012 538   M Burgess   M Alexander   D McKenna Beatty Akhurst 
Collaroy Plateau   Col Huxley 0407 246 069   Boyer   McLachlan   Carden  Ferguson Wolter 
Cromer   David Rushton 0402 408 125   Ritchie   M Counsell    Gummer J. Crosthwaite  Falconer
Forest   Chris Obrien 0423 559 955   Jamieson    Wheeler    S Alexander Wilson  
Harbord   Kevin Davies 0408 717 241   A. Crosthwaite   Marshall   Kaye E Hole Outred
Peninsula   Andrew Braund 0411 435 363   Anderson    Daly   Rawlings Ja Graham R Trewartha
Seaforth An Andrew Kennedy 0458 255 550   Beadle   J Graham    Gainsford   R Farrell Poole
St Augustines   James Scholtens 0411 249 622   Edwards      Webber   Wigney  Visser Kelly
St Pius   Alex Slack 0421 010 602   Merchant    Cohen    White  Virdi  
Wakehurst   David Nimmo 0400 656 546   Bain    Crombie    Pickering  Weston   

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