Saturday, August 19, 2017
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Do or Die - Teams Rd 15 vs Hawkesbury

Round 15 teams
No results last round makes this round even more interesting.
Coming 5th in the club championship and only being 88 points behind, anything is possible.
Its been a successful season for the tahs with all the grades chances to make the finals. Below are the changes to the teams.
First Grade side stays unchanged.
Second Grade we have Sam Gainsford and Ollie Davis back in the side.
Third Grade Josh wigney and Jordan Daly come down.
Fourth Grade Brad Wilson comes down from thirds.
Fifth Grade Dom wheeler and Ben Watts come in.

First Grade v Hawkesbury, Manly Oval
Saturday 11th march
Play commences: 10 am

1 Adam Crosthwaite (c )
2 Logan Weston
3 James Crosthwaite
4 Jay Lenton (Wk)
5 Ahillen Beadle
6 Cameron Merchant               
7 Ryan Farrell
8 Taylor Beatty
9 Jake Carden
10 Joe Graham
11 Michael Visser

Second Grade v Hawkesbury, Owen Earle Oval
Saturday 11th march
Play commences: 10 am

1 Billy D'Arcy
2 Jarrod Rawlings                                                          
3 Jack Edwards                                                                                                                  
4 Tom Kaye
5 Ollie Davies               
6 Jack Ritchie (c )                                                          
7 Sam Gainsford          
8 Aidan Bariol (wk)
9 Andrew Jamieson
10 Dylan Marshall                                                                                                               
11 Matt White

Third Grade v Hawkesbury, Grahams reserve
Saturday 11th march
Play commences: 10 am

1 Will Wolter                                                              
2 Sam Webber (wk)                                                   
3 Jordan Daly          
4 James Crombie
5 Ned Hole
6 Ash Virdi
7 Dan McKenna                                                            
8 Warren Evans (c )
9 Josh Wigney   
10 Sam Alexander                                                         
11 Ryan Bishop-Perrett

Fourth Grade v Hawkesbury, Bensons Lane 2
Saturday 11th march
Play commences: 10 am

1 Adam Gummer
2 Matt Brewster (wk)
3 Sam Hole
4 Isiah Vumbaca                                                                                 
5 Zac Trewartha                                                                                                                                                                   
6 Max Burgess (c )
7 Nick McLachlan
8 Jacob Graham                                                                                    
9 Alex Bain
10 Brad Wilson
11 Ben Falconer                                                                                     

Fifth Grade v Hawkesbury, Bensons Lane 3
Saturday 11th march
Play commences: 10 am

1 Nick Cohen
2 Will Outred                                                                 
3 Dom Wheeler (wk)                                
4 Micky Edwards
5 Will Akhurst
6 Jacob O'Sullivan
7 Jonah Anderson
8 Simon Waddington (c )                                            
9 Glyn Archer
10 Michael Counsell                                                       
11 Ben Watts                      


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