Saturday, August 19, 2017
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NeuroPower Group get behind Webber

We are pleased to confirm that NueroPower Group have sponsored Sam Webber for the 2016/17 season.

Click here for Sam's player profile.

They came to us through their association with board member Mick Trevaskis this season and have been a wonderful asset to the club.

Having worked with organisations such as Google, KPMG, Suncorp and Woolworths, NeuroPower Group partner with organisations that have complex people challenges to solve.

Their partners have tried traditional methods and failed, and are looking for a new approach to solve these problems.

They partner with high-performing, values-aligned companies who are wanting to differentiate themselves in the market and make a significant positive impact.

As a leading behavioural strategy firm, NeuroPower combine psychology, neuroscience and behavioural economics to solve the world's complex people problems. They help our partners stand out through quality insights that dramatically increase their impact.

The NeuroPower System, developed over the last 25 years by Peter Burow and our team of psychologists, psychiatrists, neuroscientists, behavioural economists, human resource professionals and health practitioners, integrates more than a dozen fields of study and over 50 different frameworks to provide a simplicity to the complexity of human behaviour.

It is great to have them behind Sam. He is a stalwart of our club and puts in as much work as anyway, culminating in being awarded the Keith Marks Clubman of the Year award last season.

NueroPower CEO Zane Harris has been please about his first year involved with the Waratahs and the support they have provided Sam.

"We are very proud to have sponsored Sam Webber this season. Everything that we see that the club produces is top quality, and a lot of that comes from the amazing work that Sam does fo the club.

"To have members of the playing group give up their spare time is a fantastic way to help the club out. Like a lot of members, he has a great passion for his club, so we are pleased to have helped him out with sponsorship this year.

The Tahs are very fortunate to have a sponsor such as NueroPower on board for 2016/17 and we thank them for their support. To read more about NeuroPower please visit them at 

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