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Mickey Edwards Player Profile

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Mickey Edwards is sponsired by Robeco for the 2016/17 season

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Our alliance has come about due to ex-coach and all-round legend Brett Penprase. It is great to see him still involved in the club and the Sydney Grade Cricket scene.

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Mickey Edwards

Full Name
Michael William Edwards

Date of Birth

Junior Club
St Augustines

Favourite TV show and why?
The Office (UK version) - in my mind I'm in a committed relationship with Ricky Gervais. Love him.

Favourite Movie and why?
Perks of being a wallflower - Emma Watson is a hard 10

Funniest moment on the cricket field?
Last round with Matt Alexander was hilarious. Complained he didn't like the end he was bowling from, so changed ends, then complained about the other end too. Basically anything he does on the cricket field tickles me.

Funniest moment off the cricket field?
Been receiving good morning videos from Luke Edgell lately - tells us what he's doing at the gym that day, in between a lot of noises and "bruh's".

You had a tough year last year with injury but look to be coming back well. What are your goals for the coming season?
Looking to be bowling without restrictions as soon as possible, take a lot of wickets, and win a lot of games, all while staying uninjured fingers crossed!

How did you find your second pre-season with the Blue this year? Has last year's experience with the state squad been handy for you this time around?
Very tough and very long days, lots of vomit. Definitely felt less pressure from myself feeling I needed to impress. Feel very comfortable around the squad and so am able to enjoy preseason, and the season so far.

Our first grade side is again one of the strongest on paper this year. Where do you think the season for 1st grade will be won and lost?
I think our worst cricket is behind us. Tough couple of rounds, but we have mad an active decision to train better and result will show.

What work do you do outside of NSW training? We have heard you are doing a bit of promotions with Budgy Smuggler?
Outside of cricket, I'm studying commerce part time, and also do some work for Budgy - more so in the summer. Have the privilege of going to other companies Christmas party in just Budgy Smugglers.

Who is the best cricketer that you have played with?
Jackson Bird

How would you go about impressing the girls of your dreams?
Take her to the hill at Manly Oval during the T20 double headers.

Who at Manly would you most like to share a car trip to Campbelltown with?
Matt Alexander

Who at Manly would you least like to share a car trip to Campbelltown with?
Adam Crosthwaite - theres only so many 00's first class stories I can listen to.

What do you think the club needs to improve on for the 2016/17 season?
Think were travelling pretty well. Been tough with the lack of practice wickets, but think we can always train better and use coaches experience.

What is your most embarrassing moment on the field?
Running into bowl, having my back spasm half way through my action, and have the ball bounce twice before it reached the batsman.

Who is your tip for the D.G. Medal this season for their work on the circuit?
Andrew Jamieson - the red wine connoisseur.

Who's Manly Cricket shoes, either past or present, would you like to be in for a day?
Tim Cruickshank - the bloke has the easiest life I've ever heard of.

Who were the best cricketers coming through the age groups with you?
Guys like Jake Doran, Tom Skelly, Daya Singh.


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