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Ryan Farrell Player Profile

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Ryan Farrell

Full name
Ryan Michael Farrell

Date of birth

Junior club:
Harbord Devils

Favourite tv show
Breaking Bad

Favourite movie
Shawshank Redemption

Funniest moment on the cricket field
This year a guy from Penrith walked out to bat with his phone in his pocket, he then left one on his off stump the third ball of his innings and as he was walking off the umpire stopped him to give him his phone back and continued walking off. Never seen anything like it before we were all in stitches.

Funniest moment off the cricket field
Sam Alexanders untamed hair

What are your goals for the coming season
This year I want to enjoy my cricket and really contribute to the outcome of games, weather that's finishing off games, getting us out of trouble or scoring quick runs at the end of the day if we are going well. I would like to have a good crack in the 20/20 season this year as well.

You have already won a Premiership with the Tahs, in 3rd grade 2 seasons ago. What are yout memories of 3rd grade winning season:
We had such a good side where a lot of players were unlucky to not be playing higher grades due to the success of the club that year. We didn't have the most intimidating side but we were a team and played for each other and really grounded out wins.

You are currently in the middle of completing your Physiotherapy degree. Where are you at with this and how much longer will your degree take?
Currently in my 1st year of my 2 year masters. A physio degree can take you into a variety of different medical fields.

Once you have completed your degree, what kind of work will you be looking for?
Sports physio is the dream, ideally with a sporting team or at a sport rehab clinic.

Our first grade side is again one of the strongest on paper this year. Where do you think the season for 1st grade will be won and lost?
How we cope with injury. We have had a few set backs in the early stages of this year with our two leading quicks being out for the most part of the season. I think it's how we deal with that and how we step up with the ball as well as the attitude we take considering these set backs which will determine how we end up this year.

Who is the best cricketer that you have played with?
AB is just so good at everything when it comes to cricket, there is nothing he can't do.

Who at Manly would you most like to share a car trip to Campbelltown with?
Sam Alexander and Sam Gainsford, you never know how many Pepsi's they would of had the night before

Who at Manly would you least like to share a car trip to Campbelltown with?
Adam Crosthwaite, the amount of first class stories and name drops that would come out would be too much to handle.

What do you think the club needs to improve on for the 2016/17 season?
Fielding was a massive aspect we wanted to improve on as a club.

Who is your tip for the D.G. Medal this season for their work on the circuit?
Gainsy will be doing well to go back to back, so I'm looking more at Will Outred and Brad Wilson.

Who's Manly Cricket shoes, either past or present, would you like to be in for a day?
Tim Cruickshank's when we won the First Grade premiership.

Who were the best cricketers coming through the age groups with you?
Mickey Edwards, Tom Kaye, Billy D'Arcy were all in the same year as me. From other clubs people like Daniel Solway, Jamie Brown, Daya Singh, Jake Scicluna.

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