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MWDCC Leadership and Support Teams – 2019/20

Men’s Scoring & Management Team - 2019/20

Michael Shepheard

Men’s 1st Grade Manager

Geoff Rogers

Men’s 1st Grade Scorer

Gordon Currie

Men’s 2nd Grade Scorer & Poidevin-Gray Scorer

Will Harding

Men’s 2nd Grade Manager

Doug McGrath

Men’s 5th Grade Manager

Ted Lindsay

Grahams Scorer

Graham Price

Poidevin-Gray Manager

Gary Holmes

Men’s 1st Grade Operations Manager

Henry Lucius

Manly Oval Assistant

Will Gustafson

Grahams Assistant

Danny Lemoy

Mike Pawley Oval Assistant

Women’s Scoring & Management Team - 2019/20

Brendan James

Women's Grade Scorer

Scott Osborne

Brewer Shield Manager

Toby Horstead

Women's U15s Scorer

Anthony Nicey

Women's U15s Manager

Gill Hough

Women's 3rd Grade Manager

Men’s Selection & Pathway Team - 2019/20

Chris Hynes

Men’s Chairman of Selectors

Roy Vumbaca

Men’s Pathway Manager

Steve Hobson

Men’s Pathway Mentor

Nic Uther

Men’s Pathway Analyst

Team Captains - 2019/20

Jay Lenton

Men's 1st Grade Captain

Andrew Jamieson

Men's 2nd Grade Captain

Nick McLachlan

Men's 3rd Grade Captain

Adam Gummer

Men's 4th Grade Captain

Andrew Rochford

Men's 5th Grade Captain

Jack Edwards

Poidevin Gray Captain

Joel Davies

Green Shield Captain

Jess Kaye

Women's 2nd Grade Captain

Olivia Hough

Women's 3rd Grade Captain

Hannah Woolf

Brewer Shield Captain


Women's U15s Captain

Club Captains - 2019/20

Abby Taylor

Women's Club Captain

Renee Hough

Women's Club Captain

Sam Hole

Men's Club Captain

Michael Visser

Men's Club Captain

Player Welfare Team - 2019/20

Duncan Kerr

Player Welfare Manager

Niki Strachan

Player Welfare Assistant