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Stephen O'Keefe

Date Of Birth9th december 1984

Junior Clubrichmond cricket club

Bowling StyleLeft-Arm Orthodox

Batting StyleRight-Hand Bat


Bank of Queensland Manly


LocationRialto Square,
11-25 Wentworth St,

Phone no.(02) 9976 3599

Player Q&A

How many years have you been at Manly?
2017/18 will be my 9th year at Manly


Highest score for Manly and against who?
156 vs Gordon

Best Bowling figures?

Most embarrassing moment on the field?
Probably when I slid to stop a ball and lost my pants in the process

Best cricketer you have ever played with?
Shane Watson

Who is your favorite Manly cricket player?
It was the Beaver, no one still comes close!

Not only are you one of the best left arm orthodox spinners in the country, but we hear that you don’t mind playing the guitar and belting out a tune. Are we going to see a single released soon? Or possibly a duet with Taylor Swift on her future Australian tours?
No single, guitar only comes out between 3 and 5am.. generally have a 3 song playlist and the guests are usually Swedish.. I love Taylor

How would you go about impressing Taylor Swift, the girl of your dreams?
Take her to the Boat Shed.

If you could trade places with one person at Manly, who would it be?
Andrew Fraser…. he’s a millionaire

You have been a major asset to the Manly Cricket Club over quite a few seasons, not only for your cricketing talents, but also with the ease you have fitted in with the clubs culture and group of players. How have you found the last few years being involved with the Club?
I am a proper westy, but the boys here have been extremely welcoming, and I have never had so much fun running out with the boys, was obviously special to win the 2-day competition last year and was great to win a T20 flag a few years back, hopefully we can repeat these both in future years.

Funniest moment on the field?
There has been so many, with the likes of Nat Hill and the Beaver.. but probably one of Adam Crosthwaites blow up’s has to be the highlight, which is every week.

Sponsor Information

Steve O’Keefe is proudly sponsored by the Bank of Queensland Manly for the 2017/18 season

The Bank of Queensland Manly are that perfect mix between big bank confidence and little bank feel.

They take care of the fiannces of most of the businesses in and around Manly, and have been big supporters of the Waratahs for almost 10 years now.

BOQ Manly also look after the finances of many Waratahs, infact Steve O’Keefe is on eof their best customers.

If you are looking for a bank that takes care of you, contact Drew Johnson on or Jodie Johnson on or you can visit them at Rialto Square, 11-25 Wentworth St, Manly.