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Collaroy, NSW
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0416 275 141
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Styleness founder and creative director Vanessa, brings over 12 years of knowledge and experience within the industry ensuring her personal understanding of just what goes into preparing your home to sell or to improve the look and feel of it to enjoy with each new day. Working along side respected Interior Designer Michael Kilkeary from Embark Design, her association with the International Institute of Home Staging and further training at Coco Republic Design School has given Vanessa opportunity to expand her knowledge and understanding within the industry.

Alongside Vanessa is her Associate Director Tony Johnson, who brings a wealth of experience and support to the business through his 25 years in the development and building industry. Their portfolio includes an expansive amount of properties prepared and sold in record times along with a wealth of knowledge with renovating, building and designing.

Styleness services include In-Home Consultations, Property Styling, Interior Decorating, Home Improvements and Decluttering.

Property Styling:

In today's real estate market, Property Styling your home is now becoming an important element and a very influential tool when it comes to your marketing campaign. With the first viewing potentially via photos online, your property needs to stand out amongst your competitors, look beautiful and be appealing to a wide market of prospective buyers.

Styleness provides an understanding and professional approach when it comes to our Home Staging and Property Styling Service. The way we view your own home is a lot different to how a buyer would see it. We come in with fresh eyes, viewing your home as a buyer would. We dedicate ourselves to enhancing the best features of your property within a functional floorplan whilst taking into consideration your budget and day to day circumstances.

Our Property Styling Services Include:

- On site Consultation for each property

- Full or Partial Style

- A team who take care of the whole process for you. From selecting pieces needed for the styling of your property, delivery and installation to revealing a finished property ready for open day.

- On-going support from our stylist during your sale period

- Collection of pieces at the end of your hire period unless sold prior


Initial Consultation:

This is a time when our Stylist will meet with you and walk through your property listening to your ideas whilst also giving you her professional advice in ways to help your property be presented at its very best. This 2.5 hr consultation covers the following:

- Kerb-side appeal

- Front Entryway

- Any maintenance, repairs, cleaning issues that need to be addressed

- Decluttering and clean up recommendations

- Flow and functionality of floorplan

- Furniture placement and focal points

- Additonal areas utilised for optimal functionality

- Establish a look and feel of your home for prospective buyers

- The Utilisation of clients’ own pieces

- The Utilisation of sourcing hired furniture and accessories if required

- Establishing a budget that accommodates with that of the client

- Taking the time to listen and gauge with the client their feelings and emotions regarding their upcoming sale campaign.


In House Styling:

This is tailored to the client who would like us to solely work with the items within their home. This can include decluttering as well as styling each room for a more appealing and desirable functional flow. This would include all items within clients home and can be tailored on an hour- to –hour basis (minimum 2 hours)


Partial Styling:

Partial Styling is for those properties only needing a few finishing touches to give it a fresh update and to complete the look of the home. Specialising in using clients own pieces we will give you our creative advice and recommend items that we can work with along with the addition of hired furniture or accessories where required.

Partial Styling Service Includes:

- Free Consultation

- A detailed report of all our recommendations and suggestions to help best present your home

- Delivery and Installation of hired items

- Styling of existing pieces together with the hired selections

- Pick up and collection of all hired pieces

- Ongoing Support from our Stylist throughout your sale period

Full Styling:

This service is tailored to clients with a vacant property or would like a completely new look for their property. This service can really take your property to the next level with its look.

Full Styling Service Includes:

- Free Consultation

- Hire of all Furniture and Accessories

- Delivery and Installation

- Pick–up and collection of all hired pieces

- Ongoing Support from our Stylist throughout your sale period


Interior Decorating:

If you love where you live but the love for your home is not the same then a home Improvement service could be the answer. This service is tailored to clients who want to improve the look and feel of their home. We often here Property Styling clients say to us ‘My home has never looked so good’ or our favourite “I don’t think I want to sell it anymore, I love it!" And the saying is to ‘Love the home you're in’

If its one room you’re wanting to improve or the whole house, our Stylist can bring to life your home tailoring a package to suit your budget and requirements.



We offer a 2.5 hour on-site consultation where we verbally discuss your hopes and dreams in how you would like each area to look and feel. Sometimes we just don’t trust our own judgement when it comes to things we don’t have expertise in. We give you on the spot recommendations and ideas, giving you guidance in your decision making to then enable you to carry out your project. We can thentailor a package for you if your would like to take this service further.

Consultation Service Includes:

- On-site Visit

- Detailed walk through of each area of your home including notes taken

- On the spot images and references to ideas given

- List of our favourite go-to websites and shops for all things interiors/exteriors


Interior Decorating Service:

Interior Decorators are experts at bringing a room to life. We completely focus on the aesthetics elements of a room helping you bring your own personality and style together with on-trend features. We are there to help you organise the decorative elements such as soft furnishings, furniture and finishing touches. A refresh or home improvement will give your home a brand new look for you to fall in love and enjoy all over again!

Interior Decorating Service Includes:

- To Implement cohesive and harmonious floorplan

- Selection of Furniture and Accessories and Soft furnishings including lighting, floor rugs, artwork, window treatments

- Access to trade discounts where applicable.

- List of our favourite go-to websites for all things interiors/exteriors

- Help you bring it all together