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About Manly for Manly

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Manly for Manly
Manly Warringah Club for the Manly Warringah Community

Manly for Manly is the internal community program of the Manly Warringah Waratahs launched in 2013/14 that will continue for the 2019/20 season and beyond. It is a program that aims to bring the club, players, administrators and supporters closer to the local community, and is going from strength to strength.

We here at the Waratahs believe that in order to develop our players as people, flourish as a club, and become an integrated part of the area that we represent, a simple but effective community program is a must.

While our club is primarily about playing cricket, we also see it as an opportunity to help develop young players into adulthood, being able to take responsibility for their own actions and understanding that some people’s lives are not as privileged as ours.

We are one of only a few clubs who have the privilege of representing the “Manly Warringah” brand, which is an extremely strong one as it covers the entire Northern Beaches area. However, with this also comes a responsibility to live up to this name….. we need to be a club that represents our area with pride and dignity, and this involves being part of it.

It is also a very important part of our club because, lets face it, the community is our future. The majority of our future players and administrators will come from the Northern Beaches community, so showing these people what our club is all about and engaging them early on will only help to increase our chances of future success both on and off the field. The Styleness Manly for Manly program aims to do all of these things.

The program is split up into 3 separate focus areas:

  1. Community Events:
    1. Junior Volunteer Of The Month awards – Click here to read about this initiative
    2. Red25 – Red Cross blood donation – Click here to read about this initiative
  2. Junior Engagement
    1. Player / Junior Club Association – Click here to read more about this initiative
    2. Manly Oval Coaching Clinics – Click here to read more about this initiative
  3. Charity Partners
    1. Burdekin – Click here to read more about this initiative
    2. Happy Days – Click here to read more about this initiative

These priorities can be added to and updated as our club and community continues to evolve.

As this is a holistic approach, the Manly for Manly program will involve our players, administrators and coaching staff to some degree. It is important that all levels of the club, both on and off the field, work together to move the club in the right direction.

Any help or advice on how we could make this program better is always welcome. On this note, we are happy that this program will be run by Phill Edwards, Mickey Edwards and Ted Lindsay for 2019/20.

It’s great to have a person of Phill’s stature in the local cricket community involved, after playing a big part in junior cricket over the last decade. Phill is the official Community Manager on our board.

Ted has been involved with the Waratahs for over a decade now due to his 3 sons playing – Andrew, Michael and Peter. He is a Life Member and former President of our Junior Association, and is keen to be involved with the Waratahs once again on top of his Grahams Reserve scoring duties.

And of course Mickey Edwards is one of our favourite sons who is a previous winner of the George Lowe Medal, the medal bestowed upon the player who contributes the most to the local community each year.

If you have any feedback or would like to be involved in any of these initiatives, please contact Phill on or 0433 114 411

Manly for Manly – Manly Warringah Club for the Manly Warringah Community.