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Club Policies


All players, officials, office bearers and members are expected to abide with the Code of Conduct as laid down by the SCA and NSWCA in the Competition Handbook. Any person reported by any member of the club for breach of the Code will be subject to disciplinary action by the MWDCC Discipline Committee, irrespective of whether the person is officially reported under the Code of Conduct.

The MWDCC Discipline Committee has the power to discipline a player by dropping him or her to a lower grade, fining , suspending or terminating him or her from MWDCC if it is deemed that he/she has brought cricket and/or MWDCC into disrepute in whatever shape or form.

Code of Conduct and Player Expectations:
(Incorporating the By-Laws of the SCA and NSWCA)

No player bound by this Code of Conduct shall engage in disorderly or improper conduct or behaviour. Disorderly or improper conduct or behavior includes, but is not restricted to, a person:

  • assaulting or attempting to assault, or abusing, either orally or physically, an umpire, player or spectator.
  • disputing, as distinct from questioning, an umpire’s decision, or reacting in an obviously provocative manner towards and umpire.
  • using crude or abusive language, or hand signals or other gestures.
  • engaging in any form of conduct or behaviour detrimental to the spirit of the game or likely to bring the game or the Club into disrepute.
  • Players in breach of these guidelines can expect to receive penalties varying from a caution through to suspension, depending on the severity and the nature of the breach.

Drug & Alcohol Policy
Policy Statement:
To protect MWDCC Players & Officials from the potential adverse effects of inappropriate use of alcohol and drugs.

Zero Impairment-personal responsibility:
All MWDCC Players & Officials are personally responsible for ensuring that they are in no way impaired by the use or after effects of alcohol or drugs while playing/representing MWDCC officially. All Captains/Club Officials are to ensure this policy is adhered to and communicated to all players.

Inappropriate use of Drugs or Alcohol:
MWDCC Players/Officials and persons acting on behalf of MWDCC shall refrain from the inappropriate use of any drug (including both prescription and over-the-counter medications) or alcoholic substance while training, representing, or playing for MWDCC, or whilst training, or playing for MWDCC, or a related team.

Illicit Drugs:
The use, possession, distribution or sale of illicit drugs by any person is strictly prohibited at, or around any MWDCC playing venue, either as a guest, or in an operated premises. (It should be noted that in some cases the relevant authorities may be notified).

Our policy is to provide a sporting environment free from alcohol abuse or the use of illegal drugs. Any member who violates this policy will be disciplined. This may include termination of membership.

If you are convicted under any federal or state criminal drug statute, you must notify the Honorary President of the club within five (5) days. This could culminate in your termination as a member of this club.

* Illegal drugs include any drug which is not legally obtainable, or which is being used in a manner or for a purpose other than as prescribed.