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Manly Warringah Waratahs top Australian Premier Cricket Social Media followers

The Manly Warringah Waratahs have once again come out on top of our now annual review of all Australian Premier Cricket Clubs social media following.

It is the 3rd Year in a row that we have been ranked in 1st place. The club has seen tremendous growth in our following on Facebook and Tik Tok in particular, with both platforms proving to be more and more popular with our community.

In a changeup from previous years, we have added YouTube to the listing as well. YouTube is listed as the 2nd most used Social Media platform in the world with 2.5 billion Monthly Active Users. On top of this, YouTube’s recent release of its “YouTube Shorts”, which focuses on approx. 60 second, vertical video’s (think their version of Reels on Instagram and FB, and TikTok in general) meant we felt compelled to include it as a criteria.

This addition has caused a bit of movement from last year, with Melbourne University Cricket Club – – moving into 2nd spot thanks to its 4,000 + subscribers on its YouTube channel.

It’s quite surprising the amount of Premier Cricket Clubs that do not have YouTube channels considering the above 2.5 billion users, especially with the increase in use of Live Streaming via Frogbox over the last few years.

Melbourne University takes 2nd spot from Wynnum Manly – – up in Brisbane who have always had a strong social media presence and obviously have great local support. However, Melbourne University’s strong YouTube and Tik Tok game have got them into number 2. Their Tik Tok work is particularly impressive.

4th is Fitzroy-Doncaster – – in Melbourne, with Frankston (currently no website to be found) rounding out the top 5 to give Victorian Premier Cricket 3 of the top 5 spots.

Of course, there are numerous ways to measure the success of social media and its influence on each and every club. Number of posts, engagement levels and many more. However, we are comfortable to keep it nice and simple and use Followers as our measuring tool.

Some liberty has been taken with the Facebook numbers as we don’t always have exact numbers based on viewing each clubs page, and in general we have rounded up where in doubt.

We here at the Waratahs believe that the use of social media can have a great influence on the culture, community, commercial and cricket side of a Premier Cricket club. We are always open to feedback, or even happy to pass on some thoughts or advice to local cricket clubs around the country, Premier Cricket or otherwise. Contact our Head of Media Joel Mason on or 0478 319063.

See below table of the top 50 Australian Premier Cricket Clubs based on their Social Media following.

1NSW Premier CricketManly Warringah12,92712,1951,9768617,67435,633
2VIC Premier CricketMelbourne University3,5014,4182,9184,58015,00030,417
3Queensland Premier CricketWynnum Manly15,9998,3364221,1602,98628,903
4VIC Premier CricketFitzroy-Doncaster7,6006,8073,1751,24043119,253
5VIC Premier CricketFranskston11,9991,8982,260521016,678
6NSW Premier CricketSutherland3,3008,77086120012,951
7VIC Premier CricketSt Kilda3,3003,3063,7851182,14812,657
8VIC Premier CricketGeelong6,0002,8543,3120012,166
9VIC Premier CricketPrahran2,7002,2827,0640012,046
10NSW Premier CricketRandwick-Petersham4,8004,1961,42518010,439
11NSW Premier CricketMosman2,9003,2792,4875151,17510,356
12VIC Premier CricketRingwood3,4002,2303,32817396010,091
13NSW Premier CricketEasts2,0003,6121,8465121,2639,233
14NSW Premier CricketSydney University4,4002,7341,627593289,148
15Queensland Premier CricketRedlands3,7004,794586009,080
16VIC Premier CricketCarlton3,4001,9763,622008,998
17NSW Premier CricketNorth Sydney3,2003,5151,637572638,672
18VIC Premier CricketDandenong3,4001,5333,513008,446
19Queensland Premier CricketValley5,1003,101117008,318
20VIC Premier CricketEssondon3,2001,7443,306008,250
21NSW Premier CricketSt George3,9002,3601,387027,649
22VIC Premier CricketGreenvale3,5009391,390981,4417,368
23NSW Premier CricketPenrith3,7002,0651,560007,325
24Queensland Premier CricketGold Coast3,2001,9981,9751907,192
25NSW Premier CricketNorthern Districts2,9002,9301,164006,994
26VIC Premier CricketCasey South Melbourne3,5001,4582,015006,973
27NSW Premier CricketUNSW2,7002,1211,44505846,850
28VIC Premier CricketRichmond1,1001,9663,7391106,816
29VIC Premier CricketCamberwell2,3001,8182,6612406,803
30WA Premier CricketPerth2,8002,5681,180006,548
31NSW Premier CricketWests3,9001,965626006,491
32NSW Premier CricketBankstown3,6001,536775005,911
33VIC Premier CricketFootscray2,6001,6561,652005,908
34NSW Premier CricketGordon2,4002,1871,2327405,893
35VIC Premier CricketNorthcote2,2001,6121,948015,761
36VIC Premier CricketBox Hill2,5001,2181,648671545,587
37NSW Premier CricketHawkesbury3,3001,709314005,323
38NSW Premier CricketCampbelltown3,2001,623488005,311
39Queensland Premier CricketToombul3,1001,509441005,050
40Queensland Premier CricketUniversity of Queensland3,2001,330425004,955
41NSW Premier CricketSydney5633,8284463304,870
42NSW Premier CricketFairfield2,5001,465834004,799
43TAS Premier CricketNew Town2,9001,4803800204,780
44WA Premier CricketMelville1,4002,3607784704,585
45Queensland Premier CricketSandgate-Redcliffe2,3002,2770004,577
46SA Premier CricketWest Torrens2,7001,165694004,559
47TAS Premier CricketGlenorchy2,600828935104274,494
48SA Premier CricketAdelaide University2,6001,2945251304,432
49WA Premier CricketSubiaco-Floreat2,3001,459658004,417
50WA Premier CricketMidland-Guildford1,8001,683714004,197