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Northern Beaches Sportsfield Review – Online Survey

It’s your time to have your say on our sportsgrounds.

The sportsgrounds on the Northern Beaches are overused and there is not enough space for everyone to play. Participation in sport is increasing, especially women, Juniors and over 35’s competitions, putting even more pressure on our limited grounds.

This is especially the case with regards to cricket. Because of the lack of fields, junior cricket has had to play more T20 matches, despite the feedback from players and parents that they would like more longer form matches.

In response to calls from sporting groups for more sportsgrounds the Northern Beaches Council has looked at the facts and identified we have a short fall of 25 sports fields and if no action is taken based on current growth and demand we will have a short fall of 41 fields by 2031.

Council has released a discussion paper with 5 Actions to address resolve the sportsground shortage.

One includes the contreversial option of converting an existing Golf Course (Warringah) and one includes land within land release areas in Ingleside and Warriewood and two others that include upgrading existing fields and converting 10 fields to synthetic. The 5th involves the purchase of private land using ratepayer funds, which the council thinks is too expensive for the community to support.

The first 4 Actions will address the short fall by 2027, while any combination of the 5 will improve the situation.

If you think this is not a problem that will affect you and your local cricket and sporting club, please consider what the effect will be when the other sporting codes and there are 17 on the Northern Beaches, double their player numbers and demand more playing fields than they are currently allocated.

If we do not create more sportsgrounds, only the elite will be selected to play sport or those who can afford to pay the higher fees.

We need you to provide feedback now, regardless of where you live on the Northern Beaches! Submissions close Sunday 7th May.

Please educate yourself and read more to understand the scope of the problem and the possible solutions, then have your say on the Northern Beaches Sportsgrounds and Golf Courses Discussion Paper.

For example, if your position is to keep the Golf Courses and you agree we need more sportsgrounds, then provide that feedback to Council and choose the “Actions” you do support when you provide your feedback.

No feedback means no comment, which equates to abdicating responsibility for the outcome to others who are prepared to express their opinion.

For all the information on this, visit the Northern Beaches Council’s “Your say” web page – Here you will also find the following links.

  1. Short cut to Sportsgrounds and Golf Courses Discussion Paper – Click here 
  2. Short cut to register and provide feedback online – Click here 
  3. Short cut to View Sportsgrounds Needs Analysis (2016) – Click here
  4. Short cut to View the Golf Market Assessment Report (2016) – Click here 

Or you can attend a drop in session near you. Council will be holding six drop in sessions on the discussion paper at various locations across the Northern Beaches.

If you want to learn more about the discussion paper or speak directly with council staff attend one of the following drop in sessions:

  • Wed 26 April, 6-8pm – Seaforth Community and Sporting Pavilion, Wakehurst Parkway, Seaforth
  • Thur 27 April, 6-8pm – Curl Curl Sports Centre, Abbott Road, Curl Curl
  • Sat 29 April, 9-11am – Coastal Environment Centre, Pelican Path, North Narrabeen

This is a once in a generation opportunity to have your say and do something positive towards reducing the shortfall in sportsgrounds on the Northern Beaches.

Regardless of your age, please do not be silent in this process. Please provide feedback to the council and feel free to write “positive letters” of support to the Manly Daily.