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Unavailabilities tests Waratahs depth as Brewers make debut – Teams vs Sutherland Round 6

The next 2 Saturday’s see’s the Waratahs take on Sutherland in Round 6 action of the Sydney Premier Cricket Competition.

With Sutherland currently sitting in 14th spot on the Club Champs, it may be a mismatch when compared to our 3rd placing, however we all know that the Sharks are a tough opponent and will be looking to climb the Club Champs ladder.

As no doubt most clubs for this round, the Waratahs are missing many players from the various grades, mainly as a result of the end of the HSC. The top 2 grades are fairly static, however the lower grades have seen plenty of changes. In fact, our 5th grade side only has 1 player remaining from last weeks round 5 victory against Gordon.

But with the players coming into 5th grade names such as Warren Evans, Will Outred and Ross Trewartha, there is still plenty of depth, quality and experience.

Of course, this also means we have various debutants for the Tahs. 4 Juniors come into our 5th grade side, all members of our next generation of Waratah stars. Joel Davies (Harbord), Oscar Lucius (St Augustines), Lachie Molyneux (Wakehurst) and Jack Hobson (Harbord) all come into the side.

It is also great to have Jarrod Ninnes return from injury in the 5th grade side as well. Jarrod has been out fior the first 5 rounds with a back injury, but he is primed and ready to make a run up the graders in the coming months.

We are also very pleased to name our first ever Brewers Shield side, the first team we have ever put into the womens U17 competition.

See below teams for round 5

First Grade v Sutherland, Manly Oval
Saturday 25th November and 2nd December
Play commences: 10.30am

  1. James Crosthwaite
  2. Ahillen Beadle
  3. Adam Crosthwaite
  4. Chris Green (c)
  5. Jay Lenton (wk)
  6. Cameron Merchant
  7. Jack Edwards
  8. Ryan Farrell
  9. Matt Alexander
  10. Taylor Beatty
  11. Michael Visser

Second Grade v Sutherland, Glenn McGrath Oval
Saturday 25th November and 2nd December
Play commences: 10.30am

  1. Tom Kaye
  2. Jarrod Rawlings
  3. Logan Weston
  4. Ollie Davies day 1 / Jordan Daly day 2
  5. Jack Ritchie (c)
  6. Aidan Bariol (wk)
  7. Joel Foster
  8. Jake Carden
  9. Sam Gainsford
  10. Joe Graham
  11. Nick McLachlan

Third Grade v Sutherland, Grahams Reserve
Saturday 25th November and 2nd December
Play commences: 12:15pm

  1. Sam Hole
  2. Sam Webber (wk) (c)
  3. Jordan Daly day 1 / Billy D’Arcy day 2
  4. Jarrod Walter
  5. Jacob O’Sullivan
  6. James Crombie
  7. Will Akhurst
  8. Brad Wilson
  9. Ryan Bishop-Perrett
  10. Josh Wigney
  11. Ben Watts

Fourth Grade vs Sutherland, Sutherland Oval
Saturday 25th November and 2nd December
Play commences: 12:15pm

  1. Adam Gummer (c)
  2. Nick Cohen
  3. Dom Wheeler
  4. Zach Trewartha
  5. Brynn Mendel (wk)
  6. Aidan Bennett
  7. Jacob Graham
  8. Alex Bain
  9. Sam Alexander
  10. Michael Counsell
  11. Glyn Archer

Fifth Grade v Sutherland, Mike Pawley Oval
Saturday 25th November and 2nd December
Play commences: 12:15 pm

  1. Will Outred (c)
  2. Ross Trewartha
  3. Luca Franks
  4. Dan McKenna
  5. Lachlan Molyneux
  6. Warren Evans
  7. Joel Davies
  8. Jordan Brewster
  9. Oscar Lucius (wk)
  10. Jarred Ninnes
  11. Jack Hobson

Brewer Shield v Universities, McKay Oval
Sunday 26th November
Play commences: 10:00 am

  1. Kate Charteris
  2. Natalie Guyot (+)
  3. Sienna James
  4. Gemma Lacey
  5. Robyn Medley (c)
  6. Genevieve O’Brien
  7. Chloe Osborne
  8. Amelia Sim
  9. Mia Waddington
  10. Jasmin Wilson
  11. Hannah Woolf (+)