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Manly Teams for Round 2 vs Northern Districts

After a tough round 1 Tahs looking to bounce back against the Northern Districts in a two day format.

Lenton, Edwards away on state duty brings Rawling and Visser back in the squad. SOK also back in the team after a injury last week

Darcy, Beadle and Wigney back up to Second grade certainly will strengthen the side

In the Main grade Andrew Hicks playing first game for the club and Sam Hole in the team after his impressive 70* last week

Skipper Gummer , Zac Trewartha and Sam Alexander back in the team in fourth grade

Yound Debutant Jordan Brewster comes into the team with New skipper Geoff Isaccs plying first game of the season.

Below are the full Teams for Round 2

First Grade v Northern District, Manly Oval
Saturday 30 September,
Play commences: 9.30am

  1. James Crosthwaite (wk)
  2. Jarrod Rawlings
  3. Adam Crosthwaite
  4. Chris Green (c)
  5. Steve O’Keefe
  6. Cameron Merchant
  7. Jack Edwards
  8. Ryan Farrell
  9. Matt Alexander
  10. Taylor Beatty
  11. Michael Visser
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Second Grade v Northern District, Mark Taylor Oval
Saturday 30 September
Play commences: 9.30am

  1. Tom Kaye
  2. Billy Darcy
  3. Logan Weston
  4. Ahillen Beadle (Day 1) Ollie Davis (Day 2)
  5. Jack Ritchie (c)
  6. Aidan Bariol (wk)
  7. Joel Foster
  8. Jake Carden
  9. Nick McLachlan
  10. Joe Graham
  11. Josh Wigney

Third Grade v Northern District, Grahams reserve
Saturday 30 September
Play commences: 11:15am

  1. Will Wolter
  2. Sam Hole
  3. James Crombie
  4. Ash Virdi
  5. Jordan Daly
  6. Sam Webber (wk)
  7. Javed Badyari (c)
  8. Andrew Jamieson
  9. Ryan Bishop-Perrett
  10. Andrew Hicks
  11. Ben Watts

Fourth Grade v Northern District, Asquith Oval
Saturday 30 September
Play commences: 11:15am

  1. Ross Trewartha
  2. Adam Gummer (c)
  3. Matt Brewster (wk)
  4. Zac Trewartha
  5. Isaiah Vumbaca
  6. Will Akhurst
  7. Alex Bain
  8. Sam Alexander
  9. Jacob Graham
  10. Brad Wilson
  11. Ben Falconer

Fifth Grade vs Northern District, Mike Pawley Oval
Saturday 30 September
Play commences: 11:15am

  1. Nick Cohen
  2. Luca Franks
  3. Warren Evans
  4. Jordan Brewster
  5. Geoff Isaacs (c)
  6. Jacob O’Sullivan
  7. Brynn Mendel (wk)
  8. Dylan Marshall
  9. Aiden Bennett
  10. Glynn Archer
  11. Michael Counsel
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