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Momentum on Mighty Tahs Side – Round 12 Teams Vs Bankstown

A previous round with 5 out of 5, including two outright wins, puts us second on club championship.

What a great opportunity the TravelSIM Waratahs have heading into our Round 12 clash with Bankstown. They are always tough rival, especially in the higher grades, and we will need to be at our best the come away with the points.

1st grade plays a Saturday/Sunday match at Bankstown Oval, while lower grades all play a one-day match against the Bulldogs

After last round we have had a few players coming back from Big Bash and Injuries.

1’s – Ahillen Beadle returns from hamstring injury replacing Farrell, Bariol comes in day2 for Lenton (Futures League)
2’s – Farrell comes down replacing O’Sullivan, Logan Weston returns from illness replacing D’arcy
3’s – Jarrod Rawlings returns from u/a, Billy D’arcy and Jacob Sullivan drop down replacing Akhurst, Wheeler and Trewartha
4’s – Jimmy Crombie returns from u/a, Wheeler, Trewartha, Akhurst drop down replacing Cohen, Mendel, Archer and Graham.
5’s- Mendel, Cohen, Graham and Archer come in which drops down Lucius, Ovenden, Mckay and Seward.

Good luck to all teams over the weekend

Go Manly!


First Grade v Bankstown, Bankstown Memorial Oval
Saturday 3rd and 4th Feb
Play commences: 10:30am

  1. James Crosthwaite
  2. Ahillen Beadle
  3. Adam Crosthwaite
  4. Cameron Merchant (c)
  5. Ollie Davies
  6. Jay Lenton
  7. Chris Green
  8. Joel Foster
  9. Joe Graham
  10. Mickey Edwards
  11. Michael Visser

Second Grade v Bankstown, Manly Oval
Saturday 3rd Feb
Play commences: 10:00am

  1. Logan Weston
  2. Jack Ritchie
  3. Aidan Bariol
  4. Sam Gainsford (c)
  5. Ash Virdi
  6. Ryan Farrel
  7. Tom Kaye
  8. Nick McLachlan
  9. Jake Carden
  10. Matt White
  11. Andrew Jamieson

Third Grade v Bankstown, Jensen Park
Saturday 3rd Feb
Play commences: 10:00am

  1. Sam Hole
  2. Jarrod Rawlings
  3. Jack Pickering
  4. Billy D’arcy
  5. Javed Badyari (c)
  6. Isaiah Vumbaca
  7. Sam Webber
  8. Andrew Hicks
  9. Jacob O’Sullivan
  10. Ryan Bishop-Perett
  11. Josh Wigney

Fourth Grade v Bankstown, Grahams Reserve
Saturday 3rd Feb
Play commences: 10:00am

  1. Dom Wheeler
  2. Adam Gummer (c)
  3. Matt Brewster
  4. Jarrod Walter
  5. Will Akhurst
  6. Brad Wilson
  7. Alex Bain
  8. Jimmy Crombie
  9. Sam Alexander
  10. Michael Counsell
  11. Zac Trewartha

Fifth Grade v Bankstown, Grahame Thomas Oval
Saturday 3rd Feb
Play commences: 10:00am

  1. Bryn Mendell (+)
  2. Nick Cohen
  3. Joel Davies
  4. Aidan Bennett
  5. Jacob Graham
  6. Lachlan Molyneux
  7. Dylan Marshall (c)
  8. Ben Falconer
  9. Jordan Brewster
  10. Glyn Archer
  11. Jarrad Ninness