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Rain can’t Stop 1’s, 2’s and PGs from a Game – Rd.9 Teams vs Blacktown

Only the TravelSim Waratahs 1st and 2nd grade sides will be playing this weekend due to the mountain of rain which fell across Sydney during the week. After the Christmas break, Adam Crosthwaite’s and Rowan Hamman’s sides will look to continue there winning ways in there march to another finals appearance.

Both teams are unchanged from last round against Gordon, making my job nice and easy! Good luck to both sides!

Our PGs boys also play their last game for the season on Sunday against Fairfield at Manly Oval, so get down to support them finish the season off with a bang.

Go Manly!

First Grade v Blacktown, Joe McAleer Oval
Saturday 9th Janurary
Play commences: 10.00am

1. Adam Crosthwaite (c)
2. Jack Ritchie
3. James Crosthwaite
4. Jay Lenton (+)
5. Cameron Merchant
6. Ryan Farrell
7. Ahillen Beadle
8. Nick McLachlan
9. James Munting
10. Michael Visser
11. Nathan Buck

Second Grade v Blacktown, Manly Oval
Saturday 9th Janurary
Play commences: 10.00am

1. Rowan Hamman (c)
2. Sam Webber (+)
3. Jarrod Rawlings
4. Tom Kaye
5. Aidan Baker
6. Jack Edwards
7. Taylor Beatty
8. Matt Alexander
9. Jake Carden
10. Matt White
11. Luke Diserens

Poidevin Gray v Fairfield, Manly Oval
Sunday 10th Janurary
Play commences: 10.00am

1. Ryan Farrell (c)
2. Billy D’Arcy
3. Jack Edwards
4. Tom Kaye
5. Sam Gainsford
6. Jake Carden
7. Zach Trewartha
8. James Boyer (+)
9. Joe Graham
10. Ben Falconer
11. Josh Wigney

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