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Surge towards Club Championship continues – Rnd 13 Teams vs Penrith

The Waratahs go into Round 13 against Penrith with almost full-strength lineups across all grades with six players back and two more players scheduled to return next round from injury (Aidan Baker, Ronnie Davis). Maintaining the rage as we surge towards a Club Championship is certainly the key. 

First Grade play a 2-dayer (Sat/Sun) away at Penrith whilst all other grades are engaged in 1-dayers. 

Whilst 1’s and 4’s are pretty much assured of finals berths, 2’s, 3’s and 5’s need to keep winning and face crucial clashes this week against Penrith. In 2’s Penrith lie in 11th place but are only a game and a half behind us on the table (3rd) so it’s a very tight finish with 3 games remaining. In 3’s Penrith sit on top of the table so with the Tah’s in 3rd spot a win over the competition leaders would provide great impetus going into the final two rounds. Whilst in 5’s it’s a re-run of last years Grand Final and with Penrith again leading the competition and the mighty Tah’s 5’s on fire it will be an exciting days cricket out at Rance Oval!  

The Tah’s face yet another massive weekend of cricket against the Mountain Men from Penrith.

 Go Manly!

First Grade v Penrith, Howell Oval
Saturday 21st & Sunday 22nd February
Play commences: 10.30am

1. Tim Cruickshank (c)
2. Cameron  Merchant
3. Adam Crosthwaite
4. Luke Diserens
5. Ahillen Beadle
6. Jay Lenton +
7. Luke Edgell
8. James Munting
9. Nick McLachlan
10. Nick Bills
11. Mickey Edwards
Out: Rawlings (2’s)
In: Beadle

Second Grade v Penrith, Manly Oval
Saturday 21st February
Play commences: 10am

1. Jack Ritchie
2. Justin Cox
3. Jarrod Rawlings
4. Mitch Pugh
5. Jarrod Walter
6. Rowan Hamman (c) 
7. Sam Webber +
8. Taylor Beatty
9. Dylan Marshall
10.Michael Visser
11.Ben Falconer

Out: Gummer, Kaye,Grant, Farrell (3’s), E Burgess (4’s)
In: Visser, Pugh, Cox, Rawlings, Falconer

Third Grade v Penrith, Bill Ball Oval
Saturday 21st February
Play commences: 10am

1. Warren Evans (c)
2. Adam Gummer
3. Ryan Farrell
4. Matt Cole
5. Jordan Daly
6. Tom Kaye
7. Sam Gainsford
8. Aiden Bariol +
9. Nick McCallum-Toomey
10. Luke Grant
11. Jake Carden

Out: Stewart, Hole, Trewartha, Alexander (4’s)
In: Gummer, Kaye, Grant, Farrell (2’s)

Fourth Grade v Penrith, Mike Pawley Oval
Saturday 21st February
Play commences: 10am

1. Josh Petersen (c) + 
2. Billy D’Arcy
3. Joe Graham
4. Ed Burgess
5. Sam Hole
6. Lance Stewart
7. Will Outred
8. Zac Trewartha
9. Jacob Graham
10. Josh Wigney
11. Sam Alexander

Out: Pickering, Boyer, Wood, Bishop-Perrett (5’s), Falconer (2’s)
In: S Hole, Stewart, Z Trewartha, Alexander (3’s), E Burgess (2’s)

Fifth Grade v Penrith, Rance Oval
Saturday 21st February
Play commences: 10am

1. Simon Waddington (c)
2. Max Burgess
3. Joel Mason
4. Jack Edwards
5. Javed Badyari
6. Joel Wood
7. James Boyer +
8. Isaiah Vumbaca
9. Jack Pickering
10. Ryan Bishop-Perrett
11. Ben Kittlety

Out: Ferguson, Sam Kelly, O’Sullivan, Ned Hole, Denny, Bain (Shires)
In: Pickering, Boyer, Wood, Bishop-Perrett (4’s) Mason, Badyari

Players unavailable for selection
Steve O’Keefe (state duty), Ronnie Davis (inj), Aiden Baker (inj), Arshdeep Verdi (inj), Corrie Boss (inj)

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