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Waratahs in History – Scott Patterson

This fortnight Howzat Building Waratahs in History Q & A is with Scott Patterson. Scott played 11 seasons for the Tahs from 2003/04 to 2013/2014. A local junior who started his career at the club when he was only 14. His debut in 1st Grade at the age of 18 saw him facing up to NSW legend Don Nash! A great read below which we hope you enjoy.

Who were your cricket heroes growing up?
Mark Waugh. Loved the way he played so effortlessly, particularly when playing the cover drive. First bat I owned was the Slazenger V800 to try and emulate him. Took a long time before I could hit it off the square.

Tell us a bit about your junior journey on your way to playing at Manly?
I started playing at Wakehurst Redbacks in Under 11’s before a season with Cromer when I was 13. The next year I went down to check out Grade Pre-Season Practice with my old man. Mike Pawley spotted me watching from the sidelines and yelled at me to get my cricket kit and join in. Next thing I knew I was put in 5th grade for the upcoming season.

You debuted for the Waratahs in 2003 at the tender age of 14. What do you remember about your grade debut?
That season we had no home ground for 5th Grade so my first-grade game was actually on a Sunday at Manly Oval. We were captained by former Groundsman Steve Gasmelski. I scored 30 odd on a road and took a wicket bowling terrible leg spin. I thought the season would be just as easy but learned pretty quick how much tougher opposition 5th grade wickets were to bat on.

Who were some of the well-known cricketers who you came through the system with, and who was the best player coming through the Manly ranks during your juniors?
Pete Lindsay & Murray Ferguson were a few of the guys from our age group going through grade early on. Had some great seasons with them. Jack Ritchie was the gun player during the junior rep days. We ended up playing 1st grade in the same season (2006/07). He kicked on to play many years in the top grade and win player of the match in the 2014/15 1st Grade GF win which was great to see.

What are your memories of the club in the early and mid-(decade)s as you were coming through the grades? Both on and off the field?
The club was quite strong when I first started. They had just won the Club Championship in 2002/03 and my first season was the next year. We then won it in 2005/06 when 1st Grade won the One Day Comp and made the 2 Day GF led by Shaun Bradstreet. It was a great time at the Club and my first nude lap was an eye-opening experience! Off the field was a strong culture with Diggers on the Park full after every Saturday.

Do you remember your first grade debut?
Yes, it was a scorching hot day out at Blacktown in early 2007, I had just turned 18. Batted 7 or 8 and scored about 15. My main recollection was facing the last over before tea from former NSW all rounder Don Nash. He bowled 6 deliveries that were all different. Outswinger, Inswinger, Off-Cutter, Leg Cutter, Back of the Hand Slower Ball and a bouncer to finish off. Definitely the most memorable over I have faced and was just happy I survived it!

What do you think your strength was as a cricketer?
I seemed to save my best performances for the bigger games. Throughout the season my concentration could often wane, but finals seemed to get the best out of me.

Your top score was 129* in 2011/12, what do you remember about that innings?
It was the 2nd Grade Semi Final at Manly Oval. We were playing Campbelltown and were chasing 280+. Overnight we were 2 down for not many and the game was in the balance. The Great Aiden Baker gave a motivational speech that changed the attitude of the guys. The next morning, I joined Javed Badyari at 3 down. After copping a subpar sledge of “This guy won’t last, all he does is hit boundaries” I ended up hitting 100 out of my 129 in boundaries! We ended the day passing them 3 down with Javed (103*) and myself putting on a then record partnership. It was one of those days where everything flowed naturally. Batting with Javed was always enjoyable, we were able to keep each other going and had some good partnerships over the years.

What do you consider the best innings from yourself?
I would say the 69 I scored in the 2nd innings of my second 1st Grade match. We were playing St George who were top of the competition, and we were down the bottom of the ladder. They had scored 300+ and bowled us out cheaply. I scored about 12* batting at 8. They enforced the follow on, and our captain Spoons decided to change up the order to give us young guys a go. I was put into bat at 3 and ended up having a good day out. They had a really strong bowling line up with Moises Henriques, Trent Copeland and Liam Zammit so to score runs against that opposition was a proud moment.

Who was the best player at Manly that you played with?
Andrew Lindsay. He just made bowling rapid look so easy. Was also had a lot of fun to play in his team. We had plenty of good batting partnerships in the 3rd Grade Premiership season batting at 5 and 6.

Who was the person/people who really drove the on-field and off-field culture at Manly during your time?
Adam Parkinson for the off-field culture. The Tour de France night out and end of season trips away with the 3rd Grade side were full of nights to remember. Definitely a believer of playing hard on and off the field!

Who was the best Captain you played with and why?
Craig Little. Spent 3 seasons in 3rd grade under the Squids Leadership. Ran the team fantastic and put a lot of confidence in all the guys leading to the 3rd Grade Premiership of 2010/11. An amazing team to be a part of, plenty of good times on and off the field with many ex 1st graders giving great experience to the younger guys.

Who was the funniest player you played with at Manly and why? Do you have any clean stories you could share with us?
Not so much an individual, but the 3rd Grade side I was a part of provided the funniest memories. Most of the stories seemed to occur during the end of season trips away. The Gold Coast trip of 2010 providing the best. Not sure how it occurred but late one night a pair of reg grundies was launched at one of the boys, he ducked, and it ended up sailing off our high rise balcony. As we all ran to the balcony to see what happened, we saw them floating side to side on its way down to the sidewalk, almost in slow motion, until right at the end a breeze made them take a strong right and land square in the face of a member of the public on his way home from a night out. For some reason he just took off in a sprint and disappeared into the night!

Best Nick Name?
Ramshed (Aka Dylan Marshall) after our under the influence team helper had a brief stint running the Manly Oval scoreboard.

What are some of your predictions for Manly in 2023 /2024.
Another couple of premierships. The club is so strong now days it seems like this is the norm.

What does your life involve now, and do you keep abreast of how the Waratahs are faring?
I now work as a commercial electrician & live in the city. Lots of weekend work means I can’t come down to the games as often as I would like. I keep an eye on the scores and stream some of the finals games as well. There are still some guys I used to play with down there so I take particular interest