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2015/16 Team Pursuit – Same name, new structure

The MWDCC Team Pursuit is back again in 2015/16 but is taking a slightly differnt shape compared to previous years. Instead of using on field performances as a basis, the Team Pursuit will now be based solely on each teams contribution to the club off the field, as well as contribution to the local Northen Beaches community through our Manly for Manly Community program.

There is $1,000 up for grabs for the winning team in the pre-Christmas competition, and another $1,000 up for grabs in the post-Christmas competition.

The community aspect will also be acknowledged through the awarding of the George Lowe medal to a player for outstanding services to the local community. Click here to read more about the George Lowe medal.

Joel Mason will be running the Team Pursuit this coming season. Please forward any sponsor reciepts to Joel or alternativley to Club Captains Billy D’Arcy or Jay Lenton. Please note that all sponsor patronage from the start of July 2015 onwards will count towards the Team Pursuit

Click here to view the latest Team Pursuit points update.

Click here to see the 2015/16 Team Pursuit team.

2015/16 Team Pursuit Aims:
  • The aim of the Team Pursuit is to encourage cross-grade interaction and support, social attendances, community help and providing sponsors with the patronage of the clubs players, their friends and family.
  • Contributing to the Club Spirit, Club Culture and to the local community are the 3 main beneficiaries.
Competition eligability
  • For a team to be eligible to win, all team members (or a maximum of 5 team members) must attend the Manly Bowling Club after game day (both mid match and end of match) atleast three times throughout each competition (not all 5 members necessarily on the same 3 occasions). Attendance counts as showing your face at Manly Bowling Club, and letting the Team Pursuit representative knowing you are there. This rule will be strictly enforced in 2015/16, including for all players U/18

Competition Structure

  • Players will be split up into 13 teams of approx 5 players per team. The teams have been put together based on who has previously contributed well and not well to the club off the field.
  • Teams get points for attending social functions, helping at T20 events, post match function attendance, sponsor patronage from themselves, family or friends, and general club contribution, among other things. The team with the most points at the end of each competition will receive $1,000.
  • There will be 2 competitions, a Pre Christmas Competition and a Post Christmas Competition.
  • The Pre Christmas competition will go into lock-down 2 rounds before the Christmas Break. The Winning Team will be announced at the Christmas Party. Christmas Party attendance will count towards Post Christmas Competition Points.
  • The Post Christmas competition will go into lock-down 2 rounds before the end of the season. The Winning Team will be announced at the End of Season Presentation. Presentation attendance will count towards Post Christmas Competition Points.
  • All Teams Points will start from 0 again at the beginning of the Post Christmas Competition.
  • Teams will remain the same for both competitions.
Team Pursuit Points System
  • Off Field Club Help
    • 100 points – Doing a BBQ or bar shift at a T20 Manly Oval match.
    • 60 points if a family Member, friend or colleague becomes a 2015/16 Manly Cricket Gold Member.
    • 50 Points for attendance at Manly Bowling Club after a days play on a Saturday, with a bonus 100 points per team if all of your Team Members (or a maximum of 5 members) attend. There will be a Team Pursuit Representative taking note of attendances at after each match. Coming to the Manly Bowling Club constitutes as after match attendance. Staying in dressing rooms does not!
    • Points will be awarded for the purchasing of a Sponsor’s Products or Services. 1 point per dollar spent (Max of 500 points per player per sponsor for each competition). Provide receipt to Joel Mason. See below “Manly Mates Rates” section.
    • 80 Points for social event attendances throughout the season, e.g. Christmas Party, End of Season Presentation, Player Pre Season Party, with 100 bonus points for entire team attendance.
    • 50 points will be awarded for those that are Members of Harbord Diggers / Manly Bowling Club. Need to provide proof of membership to redeem points.
    • 150 points – For any sponsorship that is brought into the club.
    • 200 points for any event brought into Manly Bowling Club / Harbord Diggers above 20 people.
  • Community help (also forming the basis for the scoring of the George Lowe Medal)
    • 100 points – Completing a visit to Stewart House.
    • 100 points – Completing a junior club visit.
    • 100 points – Completing a blood donation during one of the allocated MWDCC blood donation days.
    • 50 points – Helping at Sixers Coaching Clinic.
    • 80 points – Helping at MWDCC Junior Coaching Clinics.
    • Adhoc – Points will be awarded ad-hoc for your community contribution, to be decided on by Community Manager Corrie Boss.
Manly Mates Rates
  • The Manly Mates Rates program is designed to increase player patronage to our wonderful group of sponsors. The discounts available to all players will be announced shortly.
  • Not all sponsors are part of the Manly Mates Rates program, however all sponsor patronage can be used as points for the Team Pursuit.
  • There are some non-sponsors included in the Manly Mates Rates program. These cannot be used for Team Pursuit points.
Team Structure
  • All Players who play 1st Grade to 5th Grade will be allocated to a team. However, players must play a minimum of 4 games in the Pre Christmas Competition and a minimum of 3 games in the Post Christmas competition to be eligible for the prize money. The prize money will be distributed pro-rata based on the number of games played by each member of the winning team.
  • Each player that plays for Manly, whether all season or for one game, will be allocated to a team.

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