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The Grand Final Teams 2nd, 4th and 5th Grade

The TravelSIM Manly Warringah Waratahs have 3 teams playing in this weekends Grand Finals in what could be a watershed weekend for the club.

Our record of grade finals is 4, set in 2014/15, however we have never won 3 Grand Finals in the one season. There is a lot of cricket to be played over the weekend, but this is the goal. Winning premierships is the reason our players play cricket for at the end of the day.

Despite last weeks great results, these Grand Finals will be another test of patience, consistency and pressure cricket. Add to this a 3 Day game for 2nd grade and it’s going to be a real test of mental and physical endurance for Sam Gainsford’s boys, adding another day to what they usually play.

4th and 5th grade play 96 Overs each day for 2 days will be a test as they are used to playing 80 overs during a regular season. Keep in mind of the daylight savings ending this weekend making Day 2 starting at 9:30 am.

A few changes to the sides from the semi-finals with Joe Graham and Jack Pickering both somehow becoming available despite not being able to play in the semi or quarter finals.

Joe comes into 2nd grade for the unlucky Jarrod Rawlings, while Jack comes into the 4th grade side for Dom Wheeler to hopefully add to his stellar year with the bat. Dom drops back to 5th grade and replaces Luca Franks.

Below are all the Grand Final teams for this weekend. Good luck to all.

Go Manly.


Second Grade v Northern Districts @ Mark Taylor Oval
Sat 31 Mar 2018 (10:30AM), Sun 1 Apr 2018 (9:30AM), Mon 2 Apr 2018 (9:30AM)

  1. Jack Ritchie
  2. Aidan Bariol (+)
  3. Tom Kaye
  4. Ash Virdi
  5. Logan Weston
  6. Sam Gainsford (c)
  7. Nick McLachlan
  8. Andrew Hicks
  9. Jake Carden
  10. Andrew Jamieson
  11. Joe Graham


Fourth Grade v Western Suburbs @ Manly Oval
Sat 31 Mar 2018 (10:30AM), Sun 1 Apr 2018 (9:30AM)

  1. Jack Pickering
  2. Adam Gummer (c)
  3. Matt Brewster (+)
  4. Jarrod Walter
  5. Will Akhurst
  6. Brad Wilson
  7. Alex Bain
  8. Jimmy Crombie
  9. Michael Council
  10. Sam Alexander
  11. Zac Trewartha


Fifth Grade v Parramatta @ Old Kings Oval
Sat 31 Mar 2018 (10:30AM), Sun 1 Apr 2018 (9:30AM)

  1. Bryn Mendell (+)
  2. Nick Cohen
  3. Joel Davies
  4. Dom Wheeler
  5. Geoff Isaacs (c)
  6. Jacob Graham
  7. Dylan Marshall
  8. Jordan Brewster
  9. Ben Falconer
  10. Glyn Archer
  11. Jarrad Ninness