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Player Profiles take centre stage

Ever wanted to know what Tim Cruickshank’s favourite TV show is? What about what Adam Crosthwaite loves about Manly? And what does Jay Lenton really think of Nic Bills?

All that and more is now available in our 2014/15 player profile section. Each of our profiled players have attracted a sponsor for the season and we thank them again for their support.

Click here to view all player profiles

We have 23 profiles players for 2014/15, and here are some of their highlights:

  • Nic Bills – Calling Skid as his least favourite person at Manly to take a trip to Campbelltown with.
  • Adam Crosthwaite – Calling out Brad Hodge as the best batsmen he has played with.
  • Sam Gainsford – Naming James Boyer in Dumb and Dumber as his favourite ever movie star
  • Cameron Merchant – Giving us an insight into his magical world, as well as his trips to India
  • Jake Carden – Deciding that Billy D’Arcy is the funniest person in the club
  • Tim Cruickshank – Naming Joey Graham as odd’s on favourite for the single digits award
  • James Boyer – Putting his most embarrassing moment on the field as being stumped by his Dad in a recent past vs present game
  • Corrie Boss – Telling us what it was like coming down from Newcastle to the big smoke.
  • James Munting – Giving Jamie Sullivan’s Peter Rabbit impersonation the nod of approval as the funniest moment seen off the field.
  • Jay Lenton – Letting us know what he really thinks of Nic Bills
  • Ahillen Beadle – Naming David Warner as the best cricketer he has played with.
  • Steve O’Keefe – Admitting his love for the Bunnies
  • Luke Edgell – Deciding on Shawn Bradstreet as someone who’s shoe’s from Manly Cricket he would like to live in for a day.
  • Taylor Beatty – Using Nick McLachlan as the yardstick for impressing the girl of his dreams.
  • Hamish Ferguson – Naming Maso as the best circuiter (obviously)
  • Adam Gummer – Naming the fillet steak as his go-to meal at Plateau Quality Meats
  • Justin Cox – Walking out to bat with his sunnies on his head
  • Joel Mason – Naming Club Championship victories as his club highlight
  • Jordan Daly – Naming Vinnie Reehan pulling over in his cab and sledging the opposition from the Rd as one of the funniest things he has seen
  • Sam Hole – Showing his true feelings about good mate Josh Wigney.
  • Matt Cole – Jake Doran getting the vote as the best player he has played with.
  • Aidan Baker – Showing his age by naming “Rudy” as his best ever movie
  • Nick McLachlan – Gave nothing interesting at all in his profile

Some quality banter from some quality gentlemen.

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