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Tahs Hopeful of Christmas Gifts – Rd.8 Teams vs Gordon

The TravelSim Waratahs take on the Gordon Cricket Club in a one-dayer in the final round before the Christmas break. After only picking up two wins last round against UNSW along with a win in PG’s, the Tahs will be looking to head into the break with some momentum well placed to tackle the business-end of the season.

1st grade welcome back Ahillen Beadle from Thunder duties to strengthen a side tailor-made for the shorter formats of the game. A win at Manly Oval will put Crosthwaite’s men in a strong position to climb the ladder after Christmas. 2’s see the return of captain Rowan Hamman along with 1st graders Jarrod Rawlings and Luke Diserens in a must-win clash at Chatswood Oval.

Ash Virdi has been promoted to 3’s after his 72* last round while Sam Gainsford and Dylan Marshall will be warmly welcomed into a Warren Evan’s side building momentum. 4’s welcome Will Wolter and Isiah Vumbaca from 5th grade into Max Burgess’s side along with Dan McKenna who will strengthen this side firmly entrenched in the top 6. Finally 5’s captain Simon Waddington returns to this young time along with Jack Pickering at the top of the order.

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A big weekend looms ahead for the TravelSim Waratahs, with plenty of points on offer with Green Shield and PG’s fixtures also taking place on Sunday. Good luck to all teams and have a Merry Christmas!

Go Manly!

First Grade v Gordon, Manly Oval
Saturday 19th December
Play commences: 10.00am

1. Adam Crosthwaite (c)
2. Jack Ritchie
3. James Crosthwaite
4. Jay Lenton (+)
5. Cameron Merchant
6. Ryan Farrell
7. Ahillen Beadle
8. Nick McLachlan
9. James Munting
10. Michael Visser
11. Nathan Buck

Second Grade v Gordon, Chatswood Oval
Saturday 19th December
Play commences: 10.00am

1. Rowan Hamman (c)
2. Sam Webber (+)
3. Jarrod Rawlings
4. Tom Kaye
5. Aidan Baker
6. Jack Edwards
7. Taylor Beatty
8. Matt Alexander
9. Jake Carden
10. Matt White
11. Luke Diserens

Third Grade v Gordon, Mike Pawley Oval
Saturday 19th December
Play commences: 10.00am

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1. Warren Evans (c)
2. Jordan Daly
3. Billy D’Arcy
4. Joe Graham
5. Aidan Bariol (+)
6. Zac Trewartha
7. Sam Gainsford
8. Ash Virdi
9. Ben Falconer
10. Dylan Marshall
11. Josh Wigney

Fourth Grade v Gordon, Killara Oval
Saturday 19th December
Play commences: 10.00am

1. Max Burgess (c)
2. Sam Hole
3. James Boyer (+)
4. William Wolter
5. Will Outred
6. Isiah Vumbaca
7. Dan McKenna
8. Jacob Graham
9. Sam Alexander
10. Ben Kittlety
11. Ryan Bishop-Perrett

Fifth Grade v Gordon, Beauchamp Park
Saturday 19th December
Play commences: 10.00am

1. Simon Waddington (c)
2. Jack Pickering
3. Ollie Davies
4. Tom Sheedy
5. Joel Wood
6. Ned Hole
7. Will Akhurst
8. Lachlan Kerr
9. Sam Kelly (+)
10. Jonah Anderson
11. Alex Bain

Players unavailable for selection (8)
Steve O’Keefe (NSW duties), Mickey Edwards (inj.), Javed Badyari (away), Toby Poole (inj.), Matt Cole (inj.), Jimmy Crombie (inj.), Matt Morris (inj.), Adam Gummer (away)

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