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Weekend Wrap – Men & Women show strong performances against Ghosts

A great round for the Tahs this weekend with all teams, across men and women sides, against Campbelltown-Camden. First grade had a tough day, struggling to find wickets and eventually bowling them out for 236. They have a hard day next week chasing as they are already 4/85. Men’s 2’s batted and bowled extremely well, getting Campbelltown-Camden all out for 94 then declaring at 1/146 and bowling again, currently at 0/16. Some very strong batting from the top order. Women’s 2’s had a close game against a very strong team to fight it out for first place. We eventually came out with the win, after posting only 119 due to a lower order collapse. 6 wickets for Medley (6/10) and some sharp fielding got us over the line. Men’s 3’s had a shaky start but a great performance from Starr (129) put us in a strong position with a dependable total of 222. Women’s 3’s put lots of pressure on with the ball and Molyneux’s first 5fa helped us bowl them out for 120. With another 51* from Crawford we were easily able to chase down their total. 4’s bowled really well, bowling them all out for 86, then declared at 5/106 and are bowling again with them at 1/16. 5’s are in a strong position for victory, with some brilliant bowling from Dhillon (6/33) cleaning up Campbelltown-Camden for 145 and the boys are currently at 4/115.

Next weeks results are looking positive with some great performances across the grades. 

4 Pines Player of the Week

Robyn Medley - 6/10 off 6 overs

This week’s 4 Pines Player of the Week goes to Robyn Medley for her stunning performance to get the women’s 2nd grade team across the line. Robyn opened the batting and saw off the opening bowlers. She showed a lot of patience amd was unlucky to only get 14 runs. Her amazing performance came from her bowling. Robyn produced some outstanding figures, bowling 6 overs and producing 6/10, her best bowling figures in her career. With Campbelltown-Camden only needing 120 off 50 overs, tight and accurate bowling was needed. Medley came on with the score at 0/11, with Campbelltown-Camden hitting in the gaps and keeping the score ticking over, frustratingly for us. In her 6 over spell, she then took 6 wickets. She sent 4 batters back to the sheds for a duck and took a skillful caught and bowled. 

Robyn is a very consistent player and can change a game in an instant, with both bat and ball. She’s one of the hardest workers out of all the girls in the entire women’s playing team. Her bowling is crazy had to face, as her left arm in swing and smart cricket brain confuse most people. She is always looking to improve and is a sponge for coaching, even after getting 6 wickets. Her positive attitude brings energy to the field and she is  a star on and off the field.  We are looking forward to Robyn excel and continue to perform well in years to come. Great job Robyn and keep up the hard work!

First Grade

Manly Warringah 4/85 (J Lenton 54* C Merchant 15) vs Campbelltown-Camden 10/236 (J Edwards 4/78 JW Foster 2/28)

Manly skipper Jay Lenton won the toss on a slightly overcast day at Manly Oval against Campbelltown Ghosts and elected to bowl first.

With the visitors getting off to a racy start the ghost found themselves in a decent position at two for 93 before steady wickets flowed throughout the day as Jack Edwards and Joel Foster lead from the front in a bowling partnership with the ball to take six wickets between them.

Jack Edwards Finishing up with his best figures of four for 78 of 23 overs and Joel Foster Finishing two for 28 off 10

Visser ending up with two and Elliot heard one wicket with a run out in between finishing off the ghosts for 236 runs with still 20 overs left in the day

An unfortunate start leaving Jack Edwards LBW from the first ball of the innings followed by an unfortunate dismissal of both Logan Western and AB leaving skipper Lenton to continue to flourish and taking on the attack to bring up his 50 with promising signs edging closer to the days end as him and Merchant scores quickly to steady the ship.

Unfortunately Merchant was a hit behind for 15 off 14 in the second last over to finish the day’s play Manly ending at four for 85 with Lenton brilliantly leading from the front with his positive approach 54 runs from 72 balls leaving the Tahs 151 runs for victory with 6 wickets in hand next week.

Cam Merchant

Second Grade

Manly Warringah 1/146 (dec) (M Brewster 68 MK Webber 48* TJ Kaye 20*) vs Campbelltown-Camden 10/92 (A Jamieson 3/7 J Carden 3/23) & 0/16 (A Jamieson 0/5 B Wilson 0/5)

The boys rock up to Raby oval with a relaxed attitude towards the day. With Jamo again loosing the toss the lads were sent out to bowl which looked like it was going to be a long day in the field.

Ping and Jamo open the bowling with great accuracy and patients. Ping especially was a class above consistently hitting a good line and length which ended up giving him 3 wickets (3-23). They were both followed up with griff and Tommy Kaye how both continued the tight and consistent lines.

With the great bowling also came great fielding with sulli changing the momentum of the game with a brilliant run out from backward point. Another run out and some brilliant catching really showed a great attitude and resilience from the lads putting us in great shape for the match.

Jamo cleaned up the tail and ended up with figures 3-7 off 10.1 overs I might add bowling out the ghosts for 92. A great all round bowling and fielding performance from the lads.

With plenty of time still left in the days play Matty Brewster and Maxy Webber went about their business to chase down the total. With Matty B showing a mature innings with a well deserved 68. Worh Maxy finishing on 48* and tommy Kaye 20* ending the innings 1-146 declared.

With the 6 points already secured for the lads. Hopefully the boys can turn up next weekend and have a similar kind of day as we go looking for 10 points, which will put us in good stead leading into Xmas.

Max Webber

Third Grade

Manly Warringah 10/222 (H Starr 129 A Bain 25*) vs Campbelltown-Camden 3/73 (N McLachlan 1/6 M Counsell 1/15 J Wigney 1/20)


  1. Uni games
  2. Vumbaca circuited
  3. Friday Prep
  4. Game Day
  5. Starr to the rescue
  6. Counsel bats with a helmet for the first time
  7. Wigney’s bouncer desire & McLachlan’s square up


  1. Uni Games

Plan, preparation, execute. This mantra has guided the mighty 3’s cowboys to a 2nd spot on the table, however it would be used for a more adventurous mid-week trip to the city of churches for three young cowboys – Bain, Vumbaca and Ned Hole. The annual Uni Games T20 competition began the week in Adelaide, with many anticipating points in the coveted BVB would be up for grabs. The cowboys preparation began as early as 5am Monday morning as the men converged on the Bain household, with an early airport trip creating momentum for the week (and weekend) to follow. Representing the teal of the University of Technology Sydney, the three young cowboys were forced to wear a distinct red and black uniform of a certain cross-town rivals upon arrival. What followed can only be described as university cricket, as skill and talent went out the window and the ability to recover with Hydralite and cumulative number of hours slept from the previous night’s festivities the real indication of a team’s success over the week period. Finishing the week runners up to Sydney Uni can be viewed as a superior effort, with many punters returning zero net profit as the BVB numbers remained unchanged, much to the dismay of last placed Bain. Word has it Brewster was secretly chuffed when hearing the news.

  1. Vumbaca Circuited

Yes you read that right, Isaiah Vumbaca circuited. The man, the myth and the one circuit every 6 month legend, entered Adelaide under a cloud of smoke and doubt after last being seen out during a certain club championship victory two seasons ago. What followed can only be described as exhilarating, as The Fat Controller Adelaide delivered Isaiah his perfect venue as many witnessed what the young Italian Stallion turns into after one too many Coopers XPAs. Witnesses can confirm that Vumbaca served up a hangover with a side of mayo the following morning before spinning his team to a controversial victory. A protractor will be needed next uni games to determine if the 15 degree bend in the arm was exceeded, or if the four-person crowd yelling out “he throws them”, were correct.

  1. Friday Prep

As skipper McLachlan sat at his desk Friday afternoon pondering how his cowboys would prepare for the following days possibilities, he got word a certain graduate would be attending a wedding. Many believe that the skipper has fabricated his move overseas, with the past 4 rounds potentially being his last game. Rumours have swirled around that he is trying to beat Sam Hole’s 6/46 bowling left arm puff before he departs to claim true dominance. The ding of a WhatsApp message at 8pm delivered McLachlan the ultimate satisfaction, as “About to leave” popped up on his screen. The following proceedings converged on the topic of tea, where Jordan Daly’s philosophy that grade cricketers want pistachios at tea continued, much to the dismay of many team members. Rumour has it Jordan has a YouTube channel purely to showcase his skills on opening pistachios one-handed, enquire within for the link. The clock ticked to 11pm and many cowboys began their dreams of scoring 100 or taking 5fa the following day, whilst Will Akhurst had already shadow batted his way to 120*, consumed 6 protein shakes and completed 200 bicep curls before tucking into bed. Onto the cricket!

  1. Game Day

Another day at fortress Grahams awaited the young cowboys, however with a few clouds and light rain drops in the sky, young Will Gustafson engaged the Bureau of Meteorology once again. Huge thanks to Will for all he does during game day and getting Grahams ready! Touch footy proved to be white-collar vs Hamish Starr, as the inability of the blue-collar contingent to play touch football continued as Michael Counsell was awarded player of the match much like the past few rounds where the great man has accumulated the prestigious shack awards. We are still waiting for confirmation that the bike trip up north of the Peninsula will occur with young Joel Davies, however Sunday rep commitments have been identified as the main problem. Many onlookers believe that Counsell would offer more entertainment to Joel than plundering an attack on a Sunday afternoon.

Winning the toss and electing to bat, Trewartha and Ned Hole opened up raring to face the new ball. Ned coming off a handy 3* at uni games in Adelaide instilled great confidence in the top order. However Zach and Ned both fell to edges behind the stumps, but before we could ask Ned what happened, a few laps around the oval and a trip to the naughty corner on the pool’s grass hill followed. Much to the amusement of the group, it wouldn’t be the biggest blow up of the day! Joel and Jordan combined however both too soon fell as the Tahs limped to 4/29. Club captain Sam Hole entered the crease, however much lower than usual. Had he been demoted? Was his younger brother attaining top bunk privileges tonight? A few glorious cover drives and great intent gave punters hopes of a knock for the ages, before a good ball hit the top of off. Changeroom words were heard saying “I was so on today” only allowed Hamish Starr to enter the crease.

  1. Starr to the Rescue

Walking to the wicket at 6/52 after a mixed sideline interpretation of Will Akhurst’s run out, Starry set about gaining back some control. As he hit his first four of the day through the covers, much to the applause of the crowd, a certain wood on concrete noise emerged from the changeroom. Bat remnants were sprayed from corner to corner as Josh Wigney and Michael Counsell bravely attempted to pad up watching on. Counsell was asked to comment on what he witnessed, however none was spoken out of fear. McLachlan was soon given out LBW after hitting it, pitching down leg and hitting his thigh pad, which placed him on a mission to gain one back later on in the day. That got the score to 7/130, with Starry well past 50 as Bain joined him at the crease, fresh off a golden duck in the finale of UniSport T20 Cricket and defended his way to tea one over later, Starr 73*. Upon resumption, Starr batted with class and power, smashing his way to his first ever century, much to the dismay of the Ghosts proclaiming just how lucky he was after clearing the picket fence over cover. So lucky Hamo!! One fellow proclaimed he should buy a PowerBall ticket in a clear attempt at rattling the young man. Finally, Starry was dismissed for a well-made 129, congrats Hamo!

  1. Counsell bats with a helmet for the first time

The date had finally arrived. November 30. D-Day for Michael Counsell. No longer was the big man able to wear a cap facing fast paced bowling as the new SCA helmet laws were in place. Not wearing a helmet would get you potentially on report so the big man braved the conditions and put on a lid. Rumours were raised about Michael attaining the pink Sydney Sixers helmet inside the Grahams training facility. Whether or not he will utilise this in the future remains unclear. Walking out to bat after Wigney was salmon in front of 6th leg stump, Counsell partnered Bain. Blocking out the first 3 deliveries from the medium pacer, a leg spinner was introduced. Tossing the bowl up into the air and above Counsell’s eyesight, proved to be too much of a challenge for the big man who is unaccustomed to having loose headwear whilst batting. Middle stump out of the ground. Entering the changerooms, Counsell ripped apart the new laws, stating that he could not see the ball as it went above his helmet lid and thus his eyesight, stating he lost sight of the ball 2m out of the bowlers hand and only gaining view once again as it pitched 1m in front of him, much to the amusement of skipper McLachlan. The Tahs finishing 10/222, Starry with 129, Bain 25* and Jordan 14.

  1. Wigney’s bouncer desire & McLachlan’s square up

Opening the bowling into the wind, Wigney’s watch read 7pm as McLachlan tasked him with bowling short at the body to gain an early breakthrough in fading light. Much like a Thursday evening net session Wigney was relentless, combining quality length bowls with accurate bumpers to take the edge with a sharp catch by Will Akhurst, who claims he will return to grade cricket after his earlier behaviour. Without Wigney’s watch we’d be blinded by that inexcusable watch tan of his, some quoting they’d rather face him on a Thursday evening in fading light than witness that again. McLachlan was on a mission in the field, still clearly rattled by the decision he was given, he promoted himself up the spinning order ahead of Davies, Trewartha, S. Hole and N. Hole. Aiming to pitch one somewhere and hit a pad, McLachlan went to business. Unlike his current VISA situation, he was successful and removed their stern number 3 with a ball pitching in middle, and hitting middle.

Tahs finish the day needing 7 wickets to win with 150 runs to play with next week to keep their formidable record at Grahams intact. Special mention to big Mick after taking the first wicket of their innings and getting the boys off to a good start.

Up the Tahs, Go the Mighty Cowboys!



Fourth Grade

Manly Warringah 5/109 (dec) (AL Duly 46 L Charles 33) vs Campbelltown Camden 10/87 (J Hobson 4/12 R Bishop-Perrett 3/32 L Trewartha 2/14) & 1/14

The manly boys were treated with the beautiful drive out to Raby Oval 2 which was picture perfect and saw a fantastic cricket wicket for the start of round 7 against the ghosts. With a new skipper for the week, Wheeler told his side that the option to bowl first was the go for the day and luckily for the manly boys, the Ghosts won the toss and chose to bat on what looked to be a road. Dom got what he had hoped for. With Hobo and RBP opening up the Ghosts were in trouble with 2 wickets going to Rbp before drinks and having them 3 down. The manly boys continued their dominance onto tea taking 4 more wickets thanks to RBP and Lachie Kerr bowling tight lines and LachieTrewartha getting the crucial wicket just before tea. Hobbo was brought back after tea and immediately took the last 3 remaining wickets ending the Ghosts innings on 87, a score that reflected the teams goal for the day.

With 35 over remaining after the break, the manly boys opened with Duls and Slothy and had a shaky start to the innings. With Slothy being bowled and Dom shortly after edging one, suddenly the pressure was back on manly at 2/20. However Lachie Charles (33)  and Duls (46) went about knocking off the score with a 70 run partnership. Continuously finding the boundaries and some excellent rotation of the strike, the score was passed within 17 overs, leaving prowsey and the young gun Ross Trewartha to finish the Manly boys innings on 124 leaving 10 overs left to declare and bowl in the day.

The start of the 2nd innings of the Ghosts saw an absolute screamer by the ever so nimble Prowsey taking what can be described as a “hanger” but with a touch of mayo as described by Duls, the Manly boys could smell the wickets. However the Ghosts fought hard against some lethal bowling by Kerr and Hobbo. 2 dropped catches in 2 balls cost the manly boys a few late wickets in the day adding to what wasn’t a perfect feilding performance. None the less the boys had the Ghosts 1/15, still 10 runs behind with the prospect of an outright victory in the distance.


Lachlan Charles

Fifth Grade

Manly Warringah 4/115 (A Rochford 22* O Lucius 19*) vs Campbelltown-Camden 145 (R Dhillon 6/31)

Arriving at a gloomy Mike Pawley Oval, the 5th grade boys were looking to bounce back from what was a difficult day at Bankstown in the last round. After losing the toss we were sent into the field on a reasonably flat deck. The Ghosts got off to a very fast start reaching 42 before losing their first wicket, a great reflex catch by John Warn in the gully. We had to wait another 30 runs for the next wicket, a run out after some superb fielding by Luke Morley. The Ghosts stumbled to 3-98 before debutant, and chief destroyer, Rhoop Dillon was brought into the attack. Bowling perhaps one of the strangest first overs in grade history, 2 wickets for 11 runs, Rhoop demolished Campbelltown’s middle and lower order. Bowling with great control and accuracy, with the help of a very tight knitted fielding unit, Rhoop finished with the superb figures of 6-44. The Ghosts had been knocked over for 145 and Manly was into bat. An aggressive start saw us reaching 21 for the first wicket, Ky broome snicking off for 9. Jack Melchiore was joined by the in-form Ned Healey who moved the score along to 53 before Ned was bowled by a beauty. Melchiore fell not long after, Manly looking in a bit of trouble at 3-54, but Ollie Melville helped steady the ship and move the score along to 80 with some beauty stroke play before he too was dismissed by having his furniture disturbed. The ever-aggressive Dr. Rochford then joined Oscar Lucius at the crease and played some beautiful, crunching strokes to end the day. With Lucius 21* and Rochford 22*, and the score at 4-115, the Manly boys will be hoping to take first innings points and push on for perhaps a couple more.


Oscar Lucius

Womens 2nd Grade

Manly Warringah 10/119 (K Crawford 43 A Hutt 24 J Mulcahy 16) def Campbelltown- Camden 10/97 (R Medley 6/10)

Anticipation was high with the Manly 2nd grade girls, hoping to keep their winning streak alive.

An excited Jess Mulcahy was also making her 2nd grade debut. A quality warm up had the girls primed for a big performance on a cool and overcast day. On what looked like an uneven green top wicket, Manly were asked to have a bat after losing the toss.

Robyn and Nat opened the batting, getting off to a steady start with precise stroke play. They were able to see off the opening bowlers. After putting on 24 Nat played her only false shot when playing across the line and was caught. The in-form Kristie headed to the wicket. Soon after Robyn was also heading back to the stand after being bowled. Manly were 2/24. Annie Hutt met Kristie at the crease. They then went on together to have a solid partnership of 73.With the score at 3/97 we were looking good for a huge total. After smashing the spinner for 2 boundaries Annie then fell to her kryptonite ‘the spinner’  and was stumped. Mia’s visit to the crease was short lived. The inform debutant Jess Mulcahy then came to the crease. But the next over Kristie was dismissed for an excellent knock of 43. The scoreboard now displaying 5/97. Zara and Jess’ partnership then came to an end by a direct hit at Jess’ end. From there the tail collapsed, victims of accurate bowling. Manly were all out for 119. But the girls’ spirits lifted once third grade stars Renee and Sallie provided us with a sausage sizzle and some inspirational words from the one and only Bobby Rollins.

Annie opened the bowling with some great inswing, building the pressure. Myself came on from the other end. Together the opening spell built pressure well, with some dropped knicks and a couple close lbw appeals. Next Robyn came on to bowl her inswingers, which had the batters playing and missing. The opener hit the ball high into the air but the ball fell into the safe hands of Gemma. Campbelltown were now 1/11. Robyn then took another wicket, a lbw sending the third batter back to the stands for a duck. The next partnership didn’t last long as the pressure from Mia Waddington’s bowling built up and the next over Robyn struck again this time, caught and bowled. Campbelltown now were 3/26. Just as another partnership was building, Mia struck with her extreme pace bowling, hitting the stubborn opener plum. Before Campbelltown scored anymore runs, Jess Mulchay with her accurate throw directly over the stumps into Paige’s safe hands and the bails came off sent their number five back into the change rooms, run out. The opposition now at 6/61. The new batter to the crease was sent walking for a golden as Robyn struck once again with another lbw, with now a haul of five wickets. Campbelltown’s number six batter put up a strong fight and fought until the end as their tail blocked out our bowling but eventually got all out for 97 as Robyn picked up her sixth wicket of the day.

All of the girls bowled well today, with accuracy and swing but the standout today was definitely Robyn with 6/10 off 6 overs. Congrats to the girls for another win, now staying at the top of the table.


3- Robyn Medley

2- Kristie Crawford

1- Annabel Hutt

Fielding- Gemma Lacey

Womens 3rd Grade

Manly Warringah 7/121 (K Crawford 51* O Hough 16) def Campbelltown-Camden 10/120 (S Molyneux 5/33 A Humphrey 1/4)

‘Twas a fairly overcast day at Balgowlah Oval where the 3rd Grade girls were preparing for the greatest battle of their lives. Amidst the clouds and rain that seemed to plague the ground all through the warm-up and pre-match preparations the only source of bright light was Sally’s golden fake tan, (a result of the year 10 formal that took place in the week leading up). After hearing about Hazel’s various suitors from the week gone by we did the toss (and lost it) and were sent into bowl. 

We opened with Jazz and Renee who both bowled some good line and length but, despite Renee having some extra weetbix that morning, we were unable to find a breakthrough. The Campbelltown openers were good, playing their shots carefully, not doing anything stupid to give us the slightest wiff of a wicket and as the overs passed our heads began to drop a little. Cambelltown were looking dominant at 0-56 with many overs left to come. Never fear though, for  our genius captain, Olivia, knew what had to be done. We needed someone who could tear through the batsmen, someone who could bamboozle them with spin like they’d never seen before. We needed Sallie ‘The Slayer’ Molyneux! Sure enough Sallie found us the wicket we needed- a clear snick off the bat straight to Nat who had donned the keeper’s gloves for the day. We had our breakthrough! With Kristie whipping in her zingers from the other end the pressure was well and truly back on Campbelltown (especially after being given a second life after Kristie’s first ball). The remaining opener was forced to retire on 50 (credit to her for a great knock) and all of a sudden we had two new batsmen at the crease. Sallie struck again, this time with a great catch taken by Claire and then, on the very next ball, a great LBW (it may or may not have been made more convincing by the ferocious appeal by the entire team that no umpire could refuse). Alas, a hatrick for Sal was not to be with the terrified Campbelltown batsmen blocking the ball straight into the ground. The team was on a high, though, this was what we needed and our luck finally seemed to be looking up. It wasn’t long before another wicket fell from Sallie’s bowling, a catch taken by Alicia (and yes, you did read that right). Not known for her catching ability, I think Alicia was just as shocked as her teammates that the ball had actually stuck in her hands and on that note we took drinks. Back on, fresh and revived, there was an early opportunity for a catch/run out that was just out of our reach, only for Olivia to take a catch of Kristie’s bowling two balls later! We were hyped out in the field and nothing was getting through us, shown when only moments later Abby got a direct hit on the stumps for a run out. We were starting to get a look at their tail end and we were well in control. Alicia came into the attack and snagged a wicket on her second ball with Claire taking her second catch of the game. It ended up being a wicket maiden with Cambelltown struggling against the tight field. They were feeling the pressure well and truly! Sallie wasn’t letting up from the other end either, until……finally…….it happened! Sal bowled a ball, the batsmen charged, swung and missed and was stumped! Our first ever 3rd Grade 5fa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was a moment that will no doubt go down in history and we couldn’t have been more proud! Sally bowled out her 8 overs, finishing strong and was replaced by Cam at the change room end. Cam was able to quickly get us another wicket, with our fearless captain, Olivia, taking her 2nd for the game. The retired opening batsman came back in and we knew what had to be done. In a slightly complicated turn of events only a few balls later Alicia managed to take another catch off Cam’s bowling. The only thing was it was a free hit and so the ball was still in play. After a fair bit of confusion from both the fielding and batting side the ball managed to get back to the keeper and we got the final wicket (which was really lucky otherwise it would have been quite embarrassing!). We were elated as we marched off the field with our heads held high- it had been one of our best fielding and bowling efforts and get this: we only gave away 11 sundries!!!!!!!!!!! 

The wicket takers  for the innings were: 

Sallie 5/34 off 8

Kristies 1/19 off 5

Alicia 1/4 off 3

Cam 1/11 off 1.4


The lunch break was well enjoyed with Gill providing an excellent spread of sandwiches, ANZAC biscuits and fruit- thankyou again Gill! We were also visited by 2nd grade captain Jess and her fiance who both gave up part of their Saturday to support us which was really nice. Now also seems like a good time to mention that this was our last game at the oval before the councils tears down the change rooms and replaces them. Many a good memory was had sitting in front of them and they will be surely missed. In the words of Manly Club Captain, Abby Taylor, ‘It’s not a bad toilet’. Now back to the game….


The batting innings started off well, with Kristie and Nat looking in control, but unfortunately the first wicket of Nat fell after only 5 runs had been scored. We were still feeling good though, we’ve had much shakier starts. Hazel was sent in next and stuck it out with Kristie for a bit until accidentally popping one up to a fielder. Hazel had looked to be in fine form out there though so I’m sure her next score will be in the 50s. Next came Claire, coming off a smashing innings last week and you could feel the mood around the ground shift. The calling was positive and we were getting a fair few runs. Kristie and Claire were a dynamic partnership (I think I even heard someone liken them to Warner and Labuschagne) and things were looking good. That was until the calling got a little too positive and poor Claire was run out by some very good fielding after amassing 10 runs. Abby was next but before she could even enter the field of play there was a great act of sabotage from one of our own. Greg, the Women’s Net Manager, had removed the grip to her bat and was going to put it back on properly until he got distracted and forgot all about it, with the grip still in his hand and not on the bat! Thankfully he managed to get it back on before Abby got timed out but, my gosh, it got close! Abby was looking good with the bat, stealing a quick single off a carefully placed shot but unfortunately got a beautiful ball that ended up on her stumps. I wouldn’t say we were looking shaky at this stage but we weren’t as confident as we possibly could have been, sitting at 4/48. In came Olivia and, along with Kristie, they steadied the ship immensely, playing our game, taking their time and gradually inching us towards that final score. Krisitie retired not out on 51* showing again what a gun she is with the bat and making it clear that she is the greatest cricket-playing teacher on the Northern Beaches. Jazz went in to bat and got off the mark quickly. It was at this point in time that we were honoured with the presence of Brewer Shield captain Hannah, we really are very lucky to have so many people show up to support us. Jazz was a bit unlucky to be bowled off a very good ball. We should take a moment to acknowledge the fact that we went from 4/48 to 5/100- that is pretty impressive. Cam was next in and looking strong, until tragedy struck and Olivia was caught out for 16 runs. Renee replaced her sister at the crease and was on fire from the get go. Some of us on the sideline questioned as to whether we’d accidentally rocked up to a Big Bash match and not a 3rd grade 40/40 with the way she was smashing the ball all over the ground. She ended up bowled for 12 with a strike rate of 100, the team needing only 3 runs for victory. Sallie was sent into bat and, along with Cam, those final runs were made with almost 9overs to spare. It was a sweet, sweet victory and we thought we might have just done enough to make the semis. 

Unfortunately it was not meant to be though. In a shock series of events Bankstown beat Gordon, snatching 3rd place and pushing us back into fourth. This was a tough result considering we’ve only lost to two teams this season but I’m sure we’ll come back stronger than ever for the T20 part of the season. I’ll leave you with this quote from Sachin Tendulkar: ‘Enjoy the game and chase your dreams. Dreams do come true!’ 


3:Sallie Molyneux

2:Kristie Crawford

3:Alicia Humphrey

Fielding: Abby Taylor

Alicia Humphrey