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Women look to bounce back against Slayers – Men’s and Women’s teams December 11-12 2021/22

The Raydel Manly Warringah Waratahs have named sides for this weekend’s upcoming games in both Men’s and Women’s premier cricket. Men’s grades 1-5 compete against UNSW, while PG’s and 1st Grade T20 face Mosman on Sunday. The Women’s grades play St George-Sutherland in the top grades and Brewers, while 3rd grade comes up against Parramatta. Last week was a mixed bag of results for the club. 4 out of 5 Men’s sides got up on Saturday, while PG’s lost and 1st grade won on Sunday. Only 3rd grade took home the win out of the Women’s grades, with Penrith getting the best of 1st and 2nd Grade on Sunday.

1st Grade welcomes back skipper Jay Lenton, as well as quick Greg West. 2nd Grade make four changes, with Isaiah Vumbaca and Sam Gainsford returning, along with quicks Michael Counsell and Josh Wigney. 3’s have three new inclusions with Jordan Daly, Lachie Trewartha, and Evan Dunnachie all returning to the XI. 4th Grade gain the batting expertise of Lachlan Charles and Jack Melchiore, while 5’s look to continue their undefeated run this far with an unchanged side. 1st grade T20 needs a win this Sunday to ensure their spot in the sixers conference finals. The squad is boosted by the return of Jack Edwards, Ollie Davies, and Greg West. Edwards will take the captaincy as Lenton is again unavailable for the Sunday match. PG’s have named a squad of 12 for their last game, with the only change being captain Joel Davies into the side for the unavailable Jake Osborne.

Women’s 1st grade have two big inclusions with Sarah Turner and Shivani Mehta returning to the side to boost the batting lineup. Kristie Crawford returns to 2nd grade, while Brewers welcome Cam Pryor into the side. Kristie Crawford is also an inclusion into the 3rd grade side, along with Mia Nel.

Good Luck to all teams. Go Manly!

Men’s First Grade – One Day Match
Round 6 vs UNSW @ Manly Oval
10am start
1. Ben Bryant
2. Jay Lenton (c) (+)
3. Matt Brewster
4. Ryan Farrell
5. Joel Davies
6. Ahillen Beadle
7. Josh Seward
8. Elliot Herd
9. Ryan Hadley
10. Greg West
11. Jake Carden

Men’s Second Grade – One Day Match
Round 6 vs UNSW @ David Phillips South
10am start
1. Sam Webber (+)
2. Sam Gainsford
3. Cameron Merchant
4. Jacob O’Sullivan
5. Zach Trewartha
6. Ned Hole
7. Tom Kaye
8. Isaiah Vumbaca
9. Andrew Jamieson (c)
10. Michael Counsell
11. Josh Wigney

Men’s Third Grade – One Day Match
Round 6 vs UNSW @ Grahams Reserve
10am start
1. Sam Hole (c)
2. Lachie Coyte
3. Dom Wheeler
4. Jordan Daly
5. Tim Doonan (+)
6. Ellis Raymond
7. Roop Dhillon
8. Alex Bain
9. Andrew Hicks
10. Evan Dunnachie
11. Lachie Trewartha

Men’s Fourth Grade – One Day Match
Round 6 vs UNSW @ David Phillips North
10am start
1. Keelan Mendel
2. Oscar Lucius (+)
3. Lachlan Charles
4. Josh Cooper
5. Bryn Mendel
6. Jack Melchiore
7. Andrew Rochford (c)
8. Ollie Melville
9. Lachie Kerr
10. Toby Laughton
11. Jack Hobson

Men’s Fifth Grade – One Day Match
Round 6 vs UNSW @ Mike Pawley Oval
10am start
1. Reiley Dunlop (c) (+)
2. James Waddington
3. Hayden Calvert
4. Jake Hutchings
5. Liam Dinan
6. Simon Waddington
7. Will Matheson
8. Ben Falconer
9. Seb Bush
10. Raja Ganeshraj
11. Josh Lawson

Kingsgrove Sports T20 Cup – T20 Match
Round 5 vs Mosman @ Allan Border Oval
2:30pm start
1. Jack Edwards (c)
2. Ollie Davies
3. Tom Lammonby
4. Joel Davies
5. Ryan Farrell
6. Matt Brewster (+)
7. Ben Bryant
8. Elliott Herd
9. Ryan Hadley
10. Mickey Edwards
11. Greg West
12. Jake Carden
13. Morne Morkel

Poidevin-Gray Shield – T20 Match
Round 5 vs Mosman @ Allan Border Oval
10am start
1. Joel Davies (c)
2. Josh Seward
3. Lachie Coyte
4. Brynn Mendel
5. Keelan Mendel
6. Josh Cooper
7. Jack Hobson
8. Evan Dunnachie
9. Liam Dinan
10. Ollie Melville
11. Lachie Trewartha
12. Oscar Lucius

Women’s First Grade – One Day Match
Round 5 vs St George-Sutherland @ Manly Oval
10am start
1. Sarah Turner
2. Saskia Horley
3. Annabel Hutt
4. Natalie Jonkers
5. Shivani Mehta
6. Charlotte Camburn
7. Zara Shipp
8. Mikaela Turik (c)
9. Mia Waddington
10. Chelsea Mclerie
11. Laura Judson

Women’s Second Grade – One Day Match
Round 5 vs St George-Sutherland @ Harold Fraser Reserve
10am start
1. Charlotte Ambler
2. Natalie Guyot (c)
3. Ellie James
4. Sarah Gordon
5. Chloe Osborne
6. Claire Waddington
7. Jasmin Wilson
8. Kristie Crawford
9. Renee Hough
10. Stephanie Hughes
11. Ellen Hall

Brewer Shield – One Day Match
Round 5 vs St George-Sutherland @ Grahams Reserve
1. Brooke Frew
2. Emily Horstead
3. Eliza Henry
4. Jazzy James
5. Shae Hiskett-Jones
6. Cam Pryor
7. Mia Nel (c)
8. Maya Nicey
9. Ruby Gruber
10. Darcey Whiteley
11. Jess Manning

Women’s Third Grade – T20 Match
Round 5 vs Parramatta @ Balgowlah Oval
12:30 pm start
1. Sarah Gordon
2. Ashleigh Karcher
3. Emma Lyon
4. Brooke Frew
5. Renee Hough (c)
6. Kristie Crawford
7. Helen Hull
8. Cam Pryor
9. Annabelle Gilbert
10. Mia Nel
11. Emily Hatfield
12. Stephanie Hughes