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Cricket NSW Level 1 Coaching Course

CNSW is conducting a Level 1 course on the 16th February at the SCG Indoor Centre from 9am to 5pm. Dates for entry close on 10th February.

These things go like hot cakes so make sure you register your interest early.

One of the aims is to provide those players that will be travelling to the UK to play an opportunity to attain a Level 1 Coaching certificate that will allow them to coach in the UK and earn some money while there. Most Clubs and agents require players who are playing in the UK to gain this qualification.

This coaching course is recommended to:
  – Volunteers involved in coaching junior club, school and community cricket teams.
  – Talented youth cricketers who are keen to be involved in coaching junior teams.
  – Players considering playing overseas during the off-season.
  – Physical Education and trainee Physical Education teachers.

The course provides technical skills, game understanding, teaching techniques, effective ways to conduct training sessions and awareness of the factors motivating young people to play and enjoy cricket.

The Community Coaching Course consists of:
  – Completing the Cricket Australia Introduction to Cricket Course (a free online theoretical component).
  – Attending a face to face practical component run by Cricket NSW.

How to Register:

1. If you haven’t already completed the Introduction to Cricket online component, go to and register with the new Cricket Coaches Australia website.
2. You will now have access to the Introduction to Cricket course. You can complete it in one sitting, or over a number of sessions.
3. Then go to and scroll down to download the L1 enrolment form.
4. Complete the enrolment form and return with payment to Bruce Whitehouse at Cricket NSW (details on form).
5. Once form and payment are received, Bruce will send you a confirmation email containing all the information you will need to attend.

Cost: $120 ($100 for teachers and students)

Age: Minimum candidate age is 16 years

Dress: Wear comfortable clothing to the practical session (shorts, t-shirt, joggers)

Successful candidates will receive:

  – Cricket Australia Coaching Guide CD ROM
  – Australian Cricket Coaching Manual
  – Cricket Activities Booklet
  – Cricket NSW Skills, Drills & Games DVD
  – Membership to Cricket Coaches Australia (CCA)
  – Coaching card & certificate
  – Invitation to coaching seminars


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