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Pugh back in 1’s – Teams Rnd 11 vs Sydney Uni

The Waratah selectors have named the sides for the round 11 one day clash against Sydney University.

The Manly and Sydney Uni rivalry is alive and well with some hostile encounters in our distant past and some well fought battles in our more recent past. As usual, Sydney Uni are an especially strong club, sitting atop the club championship, and will come ready to play. We need to be on our game in all grades to match them.

Our first grade side has lost Ahillen Beadle to the Sydney Thunder, but we will take that any day. It’s great to see AB finally get his chance as we all know he deserves to be at that level. Replacing him is the in-form Mitchell Pugh who scored a majestic 80no last week in 2nd grade.

We also lose Ross Trewartha to work commitments however the evergreen Joel Mason will be returning to 4th grade in his place. Zach Trewartha makes his 4th grade debut also.

5th grade has got back the services of Greg Boyer (go Butch!) and also Justin Knight who returns from Shires. Great work Knighty.

The teams are as below. 

Should be another great round. Go Manly.

1st Grade (1 dayer)
Manly Oval
Start Time – 10am

1. T. Cruickshank (c)
2. J. Ritchie
3. L. Edgell
4. A. Crosthwaite +
5. M. Pugh
6. J. Cox
7. C. Merchant
8. N. McLachlan
9. L. Diserens
10. N. Buck
11. D. Babula

In: Pugh
Out: Beadle

2nd Grade
Sydney Uni No.1
Start Time – 10.00

1. R. Bonnor (c) 
2. S. Webber +
3. J. Walter
4. S. Alexander
5. M. Visser
6. J. Daly
7. B. Qureshi
8. T. Beatty
9. L. Grant
10. M. Edwards
11. A. Baker

In: Grant
Out: Pugh

3rd Grade
Grahams Reserve
Start Time – 10.00
1. C. Little (c)
2. J. Rawlings
3. L. Stewart
4. R. Farrell
5. M. Alexander
6. S. Gainsford
7. J. Boyer+
8. A. Virdi
9. R. Davies
10. A. Gummer
11. D. Marshall

In: M. Alexander
Out: Grant

4th Grade
Sydney Uni No.2 
Start Time – 10.00
1. W. Evans (c)
2. B. D’Arcy
3. T. Kaye
4. M. Cole
5. S. Hole
6. J. Mason
7. Ja. Graham
8. N. Toomey
9. J. Petersen +
10. B. Wilson
11. Z. Trewartha

In: Mason, Z. Trewartha
Out: R. Trewartha, M. Alexander

5th Grade
Mike Pawley
Start Time – 10.00

1. D. Farrell (c)
2. N Williams
3. T. Kelly
4. T. Poole
5. H. Ferguson
6. J. Carden
7. G. Boyer
8. W. Outred
9. B. Kittlety
10. J. Knight
11. B. Falconer

In: G. Boyer, Knight
Out: Mason, Z. Trewartha


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