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Waratahs looking forward to massive round against the students – Round 3 Team selections vs Sydney Uni + Women’s Team Selections

After another weekend of mixed results against a resilient Mosman squad, Manly are now looking forward to what will be a tough round against an ever strong Sydney Uni side. Strong teams throughout the grades will ensure a good contest over the next two weeks.

First Grade v Sydney Uni @ Manly Oval
Saturday 19th & 26th October
Play commences: 10:30am

  1. Jack Edwards
  2. Jay Lenton (c) (wk)
  3. Ahillen Beadle
  4. Ollie Davies
  5. Cameron Merchant
  6. Ryan Farrell
  7. Logan Weston
  8. Joel Foster
  9. Jake Carden
  10. Mickey Edwards
  11. Michael Visser

Second Grade v Sydney Uni @ Sydney Uni Oval
Saturday 19th & 26th October
Play commences: 10:30am

  1. Max Webber
  2. Tom Kaye
  3. Sam Gainsford
  4. Jacob O’Sullivan
  5. Arshdeep Virdi
  6. Taylor Beatty
  7. Matt Brewster (wk)
  8. Elliot Herd
  9. Andrew Hicks
  10. Andrew Jamieson (c)
  11. Brad Wilson

Third Grade v Sydney Uni @ LM Graham Reserve
Saturday 19th & 26th October
Play commences: 12:15pm

  1. Sam Hole
  2. Jordan Daly
  3. Zac Trewartha
  4. Joel Davies
  5. Griffin Lea
  6. Will Akhurst (wk)
  7. Nick McLachlan (c)
  8. Lachlan Charles
  9. Lachlan Trewartha
  10. Alex Bain
  11. Michael Counsell
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Fourth Grade v Sydney Uni @ St Paul’s Oval
Saturday 19th & 26th October
Play commences: 12:15pm

  1. Nick Cohen
  2. Billy D’arcy
  3. Alec duly
  4. Jarrod Walter
  5. Dom Wheeler (c)
  6. Lachie Kerr
  7. Jake Osborne
  8. Reiley Dunlop (wk)
  9. Josh Seward
  10. Jordan Brewster
  11. Josh Wigney

Fifth Grade v Sydney Uni @ Mike Pawley Oval
Saturday 5th & 12th October
Play commences: 11:15am

  1. James Buchanan
  2. Ned Healey
  3. Ollie Melville
  4. Jack Melchior
  5. Sam Barnett
  6. Oscar Lucius (wk)
  7. Daryl Buchanan
  8. Andrew Rochford (c)
  9. Luke Morley
  10. Toby Laughton
  11. Liam Dinan

This weekend also sees our Second Grade Women’s side kick off their season with a double header at Grahams oval against St George – Sutherland and Gordon. New skipper Jessica Kaye is keen to get the girls off to a good start. Third Grade women’s play their round 2 game against Gordon as they search for their first win of the season following a narrow loss last weekend.

QUICK LINK  Manly Oval T20 Double Header taking place on Sunday 10th November

Second Grade Women’s v St George – Sutherland & Gordon @ LM Graham Reserve
Sunday 20th October
Game 1: 10:00am
Game 2: 2:00pm

  1. Jessica Kaye (c)
  2. Niamh Bullen
  3. Kristie Crawford
  4. Natalie Guyot
  5. Renee Hough
  6. Annabel Hutt
  7. Sienna James
  8. Natalie Jonkers
  9. Robyn Medley
  10. Zara Shipp
  11. Mia Waddington
  12. Claire Waddington

Third Grade Women’s v Gordon @ Balgowlah Oval
Saturday 19th October
Play commences: 12:30pm

  1. Mia Waddington (c)
  2. Sarah Gordon
  3. Natalie Guyot
  4. Renee Hough
  5. Alicia Humphrey
  6. Isabelle Keene
  7. Gemma Lacey
  8. Sallie Molyneux
  9. Hazel Nichols
  10. Cam Pryor
  11. Abby Taylor
  12. Claire Waddington

Go Manly!